Swtor Planet Elite or Champion Hunt Guide

Swtor Planet Elite or Champion Hunt Guide takes place on almost every planet. These achievements are part of Location > General ( or The Republic / The Empire and etc. ) legacy achievement tab, which can be completed by hunting and defeating rare Elite or Champion enemies. Some of the Champions are quite easy to find, while the others are part of final stage missions, or group mission phase, or with a huge respawn timer. Some Mobs can be defeated only by Republic or Empire players. Achievements named Liberator of “Some Planet Name” or achievements named Tyrant of “Some Planet Name” can be completed by Empire or Republic players only.

In the list below you can find all achievements, as they appear in the Legacy tab:

  1. Alderaan – None

  2. BalmorraTyrant of Balmorra and Liberator of Balmorra

  3. BelsavisChampion of Belsavis

  4. CorelliaCorellia’s Most Wanted

  5. CoruscantCoruscant’s Most Wanted

  6. Dromund KaasTyrant of Dromund Kaas

  7. Hoth – Champion of Hoth : Hoth’s Most Wanted, Liberator of Hoth, Tyrant of Hoth

  8. HuttaHutta’s Most Wanted

  9. IlumIlum’s Most Wanted!

  10. KorribianKorribian Conquest

  11. MakebMonsters of Makeb

  12. Nar ShaddaaCleaning Up the Street Elites

  13. Ord MantellLiberator of Ord Mantell

  14. QueshChampion of Quesh: Liberator of Quesh and Tyrant of Quesh

  15. TarisChampion of Taris: Liberator of Taris and Tyrant of Taris

  16. TatooineChampion of Tatooine

  17. TythonLiberator of Tython

  18. VossChampion of Voss

Legacy Champion Hunt Example

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