Advanced Magenta Crystal

Not many items have managed to pique players’ interest as color crystal modifications that change your weapon’s color. Among the most sought after items are the white crystal dropped by the Alderaan world boss Ulgo Siegebreaker and the recently discovered Magenta crystals. These were mentioned by one of the SWTOR developers, Georg Zoeller, where he said that this crystal is very rare and he gave a small hint about how to obtain it. The community came together and discovered all the steps needed to get the Magenta colored crystals.

You need to have Artifice Crew skill or a friend Artifice that will craft it for you and you need the Magenta Adegan Crystal (which you can obtain by following this guide) and a Schematic dropped by the Belsavis World Boss The Primal Destroyer. He can drop three different schematics that will help you create one of the following:

Step 1. – Tatooine

The first step in obtaining the Magenta Adegan Crystal is to go to Tatooine. You will need to go to the Judland area around the coordinates 335, -1862. You will see these structures scattered all over the desert. In the base of the structure is a “Water Access Panel”. Only some of them can have it (at random). The idea is that these structures collect water and only when they are full can you “harvest” water from them. You will use the Water Access Panel and get a buff called “Refreshed and Sustained”.

The structure on Tatooine that has the Water Access Panel

Water Access Panel is available

Local map of where the structures are

Global map of where the structures are

The buff you get

Step 2. – Hoth

Your next step is to go to Hoth to freeze that water! You need to climb the highest point on Hoth – Highmount Ridge. It is located at ~ -915, 634. You just climb that mountain until you get to the area of it where you get the debuff “Extreme Altitude”. This will freeze water and provide you with the item Pure Shockfrozen Water.You are done on Hoth.

Climb this mountain all the way to the top

You will enter the “Extreme Altitude” region

At this point you will get the item in your inventory.

Local map of the mountain’s location

Global map of the mountain’s location

Step 3. – Ilum

With the Frozen water in your inventory go to ilum and activate a crystal there. This will summon a level 50 Champion mob that you need 4-6 level 50 people to beat. Once you kill it you will loot the Magenta Adegan Crystal.

Use the Depleted White Adegan Crystal

Local map of crystal’s location

Global map of crystal’s location

This summons the Force ghost lvl 50 Champion with 200k HP

Step 4. – Belsavis

Next you will go to Belsavis and farm the World Boss The Primal Destroyer ( X: -452, Y: -3452). He drops the Artifice schematic with which you will be able to create your very own Magenta crystal.

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