The Lost Island Flashpoint Guide

The Lost Island is the new Flashpoint in the Game Upadate 1.2. This Flashpoint is open to both factions and designed for players level 50 in normal and hard mode. I found the Flashpoint extremely interesting, maybe because of the fact that this is a new Flashpoint or because this time developers made a challenge out of it.

The story takes part at the hidden island on the planet Ord Mantell where you have to put an end to Mad Doctor’s experiments.

Technically, the Lost Island is an indoor/outdoor Flashpoint with many improvements in mechanics: the number of spawning adds is reduced but their abilities are brought to a higher level; the Flashpoint encounters request from you to move constantly or you will have no chance of survival.

What does this mean?
If you are forced to move during a boss fight you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings – you cannot just stand and cast spells. For healers, it’s important to cast proper skills at the right moment, for tanks to use deffensive cooldown skills, and for melee players it’s important to pay attention to positioning properly.

Codex – Doctor Sannus Lorrick


In the tabs below you will find the bosses in The Lost Island Flashpoint and walkthroughs on how to defeat them.

Flutterplume Plaguebearer is a mini boss lvl 50 champion with 48,975 hp, immune to stun effects. This boss has two abilities:

  • Laceration
    (channeling 6 sec, interruptable, low amount of dmg)
  • Mass Adds
    (spawning little birds from time to time, if you don’t kill them they will overrun you )

The Tactic:
The best tactic is to take your position beside the tank, since the boss spawns small adds from time to time. In this way you can easily control adds and make additional AOE damage on boss.

Putrid Shacklaw is a lvl 50 champion with 112,376 hp. This boss has two abilities:

  • Self buff Overwhelming
    (Hits from these massive beasts slow targets significantly)
  • Ground Marked Yellow Circles
    (moderate ammount of damage )

The Tactic:
Players should move around to avoid yellow circles on the ground. The boss will make a large amount of damage on a tank, thus the healer should be focus on him.

LR-5 Sentinel Droid is a lvl 50 champion with 283,510 hp. This boss has four abilities:

  • Plasma Arc
    (castable 2 sec, interruptable, moderate ammount of damage on highest threat target)
  • Waves of adds
    from time to time he spawns wave of 4 adds. There are three melee Specimen X mobs (lvl 50, normal, 4,850 hp) and one ranged mob Subject Zero (lvl 50, normal 4,850hp )
  • Pulse Bomb
    (instant) can be cast beneath a random party member, after exploding makes AOE damage with huge radius.
  • Incinerate
    (channeling 3 sec, interruptable, AOE fire flame damage)
  • Shock Cables
    (castable 1 sec, interruptable, stun the highest threat target for a small period of time)

The Tactic:
It is very important to move constantly during this boss fight. With each Pulse Bomb explosion the fighting area becomes smaller and smaller. Our tactic was to keep the boss in the center of the room. The tank should interrupt Incinerata spell, while other party members should move in circles around the boss (as far as it’s possible because of the boss AOE spells). Your party members should not stand close to each other because of the Pulse Bomb explosions and Incinerate spell. It is highly recommended to interrupt any boss abilities that you can. When the boss spawns adds, DPS party members should focus on them, while the tank should stay on the boss. This is a very challenging event which demands a good cooperation between all party members.

Transgenic Sample Seven is a lvl 50 champion with 17,393 hp with one ability:

  • Horn Slam
    (castable 3 sec, noninterruptable, common ammount of damage, stuns the highest threat target from time to time)

The Tactic:
The fight is a simple tank and spank event. There is only one thing that you should be aware of – the Horn Slama spell resets the threat pool.

Project Sav-Rak is a lvl 50 champion with 227,761 hp. This boss has two abilities:

  • Sav-Rak Smash
    (castable 4.5 sec, non interuptable, moderate amount of AOE damage, knockbacks ALL targets on the platform)
  • Acid Spit
    (instant, can be cast on a random party member, jumps on the closest party member)

There are two phases during the boss fight. In the first phase the boss is located on the platform, where he casts Sav-Rak Smash spell. During the second phase the boss jumps onto one of three big pipes around the platform and casts Acid Spit on the random party member. Every time he casts the Acid Spit spell, he receives stackable Virility buff which increases the damage off every following Acid Spit spell. The only way to move the boss from the pipe is to use the computer console on the pipe the boss is standing at. From time to time the boss is jumping from pipe to pipe.

The Tactic:
First phase
During this phase the boss can knock you down from the platform (with Sav-Rak Smash skill) into the lava. In the moment when the boss is casting the Sav-Rak Smash skill all party members should position below the boss in order to avoid the knockdown. Otherwise, you will be knocked down in the direction opposite to the boss. This applies to all party members no matter where they are located on the platform.

Second phase
During the second phase the boss will jump onto one of the pipes and start casting the Acid Spit spell (moderate amount of damage). You have to pull him down from the pipe by using the computer console on the pipe he is standing at. You need nine seconds to activate the console, and the boss stays on the pipe about 11 – 13 seconds, thus you have to be very fast. One of the dps party members should be in charge of activating the consoles. If this doesn’t work you can position all dps members next to pipe, and the healer in the middle of the platform.

Both phases repeat until you kill the boss.

Transgenic Sample Eleven is a lvl 50 champion with 213,134 hp and two abilities:

  • Dropping Ceiling Spikes
    (after emote “Transgenic sample eleven smashes the facility floor” the Ceiling spikes will start falling from the ceiling, leaving the spikes on the spot where they fell, high ammount of damage)
  • Frostbite
    (stackable, debuff “The Freezing air is slowly causing frostbite. Keep moving to maintain circulation”)

The Tactic:
The best tactic is to run away and avoid other party members whenever the spikes start falling and then return to the boss fight as soon as possible. There are no places where you can hide from the falling spikes. If the spike hits you, you will receive high amount of damage and your performances will be slowed, thus, you won’t be able to avoid upcoming spikes.

Doctor Lorrick is a lvl 50 champion with 244,102 hp and several abilities:

  • Flurry of Bolts
    (castable, interruptable, small amount of damage on the highest threat target)
  • Marked AOE poision cloud spawn point
    (usually spawns beneath a random party member and becomes a green pond, moderate amount of damage)
  • Kolto tank
    (starts after emote “Doctrol Lorick powers up a Kolto tank”, the doctor becomes invulnerable by hiding behind the Kolto tanks positioned around the room)
  • Beast Form
    (around 40% boss hp, after destroying several Kolto tanks the boss heals up to full hp and transforms into the Beast form with poison AOE damage and stackable poison damage debuff which increases poison damage, attacks random target from time to time)
  • During the Beast form (or just before it) the boss will cast Ravage (7,5 sec channeling, interruptable, moderate ammount of dmg)
  • During the Beast form all party members will have stackable debuff Corrosive Smash (Periodic internal damage, increases damage over time. Fatal if ignored)

The Tactic:

The First phase:
During the boss fight try to avoid the poison clouds.

The Second phase:
During the second phase the boss hides behind the Kolto Tanks (33,507 hp). The tanks are positioned around the room. The boss starts at the one located South-West and moves behind the next tank that is positioned in a clockwise direction. While you are destroying the Kolto Tanks the doctor will release a rakghoul from inside the tank.
Repeat first two phases until 3rd comes.
The third phase: Boss transforms into Beast

Proper positioning, with as little DPS loss (due to constant moving around) as possible, will enable a clean kill. Although this sounds simple, it is not, due to the fact that mistakes are punished immediately. Each time someone doesn’t immediately move outside the green ponds will make an already healing intensive fight into something even harder. Moving too much will make you lose more DPS than acceptable. The road to a clean kill is knowing the event itself and following the fight’s rules.

You have to be aware that the kolto tank positions are mostly the same (the first one is in the south west part of the room and he hides next behind a kolto tank in a clockwise direction). Position yourself in such a way that you maximize your DPS keeping in mind the boss’ path of movement and remembering the green ponds have a long despawn timer.

Once you overcome the first and second phase (the non-beast form phase) you will enter the Beast form phase. It is a simple DPS check kill phase. Because of the fact that the boss stacks up poison damage debuff that combined with the poison AOE damage the boss does you are faced with a soft enrage timer in the form of a poison damage debuff which, when stacked enough times, will not be healable anymore and you will wipe.

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2 Responses to The Lost Island Flashpoint Guide

  1. Comment by Ed made on July 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    LR-5 is a beast, dont even attempt him in HM unless you have 4 comfortable players who know the fight, or u will just keep wiping and loose 100k per hour in repair costs.

  2. Comment by Guest made on March 1, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Entering the first chamber with kolto tanks, on the right side a kolto tank is clickable giving the lore object “Lore: Evolved Rakghoul Plague”