What immediately separated Star Wars: The Old Republic from the rest of the games out there was the sheer number of fans that actively participated in the community through their involvement in various fansites. This is our way of showing appreciation for our fellow fansites without which this game would not be as awesome.

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Lighthearted news site covering both official and community news sources with community tools, edgy editorials, RP articles, lore expertise, interviews, original webcomic and a humorous side as well. Living the Old Republic since 1885.

Corellian Run Radio

Famous SWTOR Podcast. Corellian Run Radio is your route through hyperspace to the latest news on Star Wars: The Old Republicâ„¢. Hosts Carla and Kathy will guide you through official updates, articles and interviews, and general buzz about BioWare’s first MMORPG.

Tor Wars features an offbeat podcast, obsessively updated SWTOR news, and free pie. One of the most frequently and professionally updated sites in the SWTOR fansite universe. Oh, they are also funny … sometimes …

Ask A Jedi

The #1 TOR News Site – An Outpost for Citizens of The Old Republic! Site with some of the best SWTOR articles out there, with engaging daily polls, news, interviews and event coverage.

Mos Eisley Radio

One of the biggest SWTOR podcasts on the interwebs. Mos Eisley Radio is here to bring you the most recent news about The Old Republic and in-depth looks at classes, races, and how players will interact with both each other and the vast world that surrounds them.

Darth Hater

One of the first and the biggest fansite with world famous dissections and full coverage of all events.


The longest running TOR dedicated podcast on the internet with news and articles.

TOR Talk

Tom and Tim host a well known TOR podcast show.

One of the biggest German SWTOR fansites. Part of the Gamona network.

One of the biggest German SWTOR fansites. Part of the Ingame network.

European fansite active since 2008. In German.

One of the biggest French fansites.

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