SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence Plague Outbreak Event Guide

Rakghoul Plague Outbreak Event brings new daily area, reputation faction with additional things like codices and legacy points. This is not level 55 event, all players above level 20 can participate. Rakghoul Plague Outbreak event is placed on Alderaan planet, and players can participate from January 21 – 28, 2014 (begins and ends at 2AM PST/ 10AM). This is a recurring event and it may occur on different planet when it starts again.

Things you should know or you know already:
  • Basics
  • How, where to start?
  • Dailies List
  • REWARDS: T.H.O.R.N. Reputation
  • REWARDS: NPC Jeelvic
  • Codex Entries
  • Achievements

Rakghoul Resurgence Basics

In order to acquire all Rakghoul Resurgence Plague Outbreak Event items you need to complete quests, kill different creatures and OPS boss – The Eyeless. Completing quests and killing different Rakghoul Event related creatures reward you with reputation points and prerequisite items like Rakghoul DNA Canister, Barnacle of the Eyeless, Exotic Plague Specimen and Symbiotic Fungal Bloom.

These items are drops from the following creatures:
  1. Rakghoul DNA Sample – drops from The Tunnel Lurker (x5, Patrol in Infested Pathways, Rakghoul Tunnels zone map), Fungus Champions (x1, found in Infested Pathways and The Epicenter, Rakghoul Tunnels zone map ).
  2. Rakghoul DNA Canister – comes from the Rakghoul Event related quests, The Eyeless OPS boss drop, buyable from the Jeelvic NPC.
  3. Barnacle of the Eyeless – The Eyeless OPS boss (Entrance Southeastern Infested Pathways) drop, not BOP.
  4. Exotic Plague Specimen – Drops from World Boss Shellshock (Northern King’s Pass, on the crossroad that leads to the Juran Mountains), BOP.
  5. Symbiotic Fungal Bloom – Rare drop from the Fungus Champions (found in Infested Pathways and The Epicenter, Rakghoul Tunnels zone map ).

Swtor Rakghoul Event Tunnel Maps

Rakghoul Tunnel Maps

Main event takes place in three zone maps inside the Rakghoul Tunnel. Their names are Contagion Zone, Inrested Pathways and the heroic zone The Epicenter.

How, where to start?

Rakghoul Event Main Fleet News Terminals

Rakghoul Event Main Fleet News Terminals

On the main fleet look for news station broadcast bots – News Terminals. They are placed on North, East, South and West side of the main fleet station. After a small cut-scene, quest [REP] “To Fight Infection” and [EMP] “Combating the Plague” will start. It’s an introduction mission that leads you to the source of plague, Alderaan, more accurately Rakghoul Tunnels on Alderaan. When you reach the first NPC in the mission, you will find a speeder next to NPC. Use it to reach the Spike in King’s Pass. Once inside the Spike, use the nearby elevator to reach the Rakghoul Tunnels, where you can find additional missions. Mission Terminal offers 5 daily missions.

Introduction Mission Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount) and 2 Basic Commendations.

Rakghoul Plague Outbreak Dailies List

[DAILY] Quarantine: House Organa/ House Thul

Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount) and 2 Basic Commendations.

Rakghoul Event Daily Quest Quarantine House

[DAILY] Quarantine: House Organa/ House Thul

There is a small datapad behind [REP] NPC Tralie Masoon in The Apalis Coast and [EMP] NPC Doctor Ressel in Kaamos Teritory. When you get close to the Mission Terminal in the first Rakghoul Tunnel zone map, you can find a datapad. This small datapad starts this quest. In order to complete the quest you should find nearby Infected Citizens and threat them with the given quest item. In order to spot them easily you should turn on nameplates on friendly NPCs. You have to get really close to the infected patients, in order to use the quest item. You can’t use the quest item while on speeder.

[DAILY] Spreading Infection

Rewards: Credits, Rakghoul DNA Canister and Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount)

Swtor Spreading Rakghoul Plague Infection

Spreading Rakghoul Plague Infection

Upon completing quests in Rakghoul Tunnels, creatures may infect you with Rakghoul Plague. This plague has three debuff stages. The first and the second stage last 10 minutes. When the third stage begins, your character will blow up, inflicting nearby targets who are not not infected/vaccinated. This is the second way to obtain plague.
You should protect yourself from Rakghoul Plague debuff, since it periodically disables you while completing quests. Use Rakghoul Vaccine, available at any Medical Droid for 2 000 Credits.

Daily quests directly tide to the Rakghoul Tunnels

All quests listed below can be taken from the Mission Terminal. Mission “Jeelvic’s Datapad” can be taken from the datapad in Contagion Zone. Each quest rewards you with credits and one Rakghoul DNA Canister.

REP [DAILY] Rounding Up Raklings / EMP [DAILY] Collecting Raklings

Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount) and 2 Basic Commendations.

Swtor Daily Quest Rounding Up Collecting Raklings

Rounding Up Raklings / Collecting Raklings

This mission should be the last one in your progress list as it requires you to pick up three small Alderaan Raklings from eggs, looking for Fungal Flora and bring them to the Specimen Container near mission terminal.

REP [DAILY] Tracking the Plague / EMP[DAILY] Dissecting the Plague

Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount) and 2 Basic Commendations.

Daily Quest Tracking the Plague Dissecting the Plague

Tracking the Plague / Dissecting the Plague

Creatures you kill in the first zone map, drops Rakghoul Mutagen Sample. You have to collect 10 Samples.

REP [DAILY] A Grim Examination / EMP [DAILY] All That Remains

Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount) and 2 Basic Commendations.

Daily Quest A Grim Examinations All That Remains

A Grim Examinations / All That Remains

This mission takes place in the second zone map – Infested Pathways. The place is full with Rakghouls, and skeletal remains are scattered around the place. you need to scan

REP [DAILY] Navigating the Tunnels / EMP [DAILY] The Tunnel Network

Rewards: Credits, Green Reputation Trophy (Small Amount), 2 Basic Commendations and 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister.

Daily Quest Navigating The Tunnels The Tunnel Network

Navigating The Tunnels / The Tunnel Network

This mission requires using a macro binoculars quest item. Use them for scanning the navigation beacons at the marked map locations. Beacons are attached to the Rakghoul Tunnel ceiling.

REP [HEROIC 4] Flora and Fauna / EMP [HEROIC 4] Fungal Corruption

Rewards: Credits, Blue Reputation Trophy (Medium Amount), 4 Basic Commendations and 2 Rakghoul DNA Canisters.

Heroic Daily Quest Flora and Fauna Fungal Corruption

Flora and Fauna / Fungal Corruption

Interact with Fungal Growth, located on the ground in the third zone map – The Epicenter. This action will result in spawning 352 000 Hp, Champion mob called Rakghoul Blight. Try to interrupt his abilities, especially the range one. 20 Fungal Rakghouls will attack you as a group, upon making hostile moves toward the level 25 Fungal Rakghoul Forages in the area.

[OPS] REP The Rakghoul Nightmare / EMP Heart of Infection

Rewards: Credits, Blue Reputation Trophy (Medium Amount), 8 Basic Commendations and 2 Rakghoul DNA Canisters.

OPS Quest The Rakghoul Infection Heart  of Infection

The Rakghoul Infection / Heart of Infection

Note: There is a T.H.O.R.N. Outsider Ranking prerequisite item called THORN Priority Authorization, which can be bought from the T.H.O.R.N reputation vendors for 1 000 credits. Upon using this item, interact with holoterminal near the Rakghoul Tunnel Mission Terminal in order to receive this quest.

The Eyeless

Swtor The Eyeless

The Eyeless

The Eyeless is pretty easy, strait forward boss. When he drops damage circles, just move away or you will be knockback and take a huge amount of damage. The green ranged AOE circle – Infected Phlegm makes stacking debuff , while the purple one – Crush makes a huge damage. Another attack – Pound, does pretty large amount of damage to the tank. There are also a couple of adds that spawn during the fight.

REWARDS: T.H.O.R.N. Reputation

There are two reputation vendors in the first tunnel zone map. When the event is completed, you can still purchase and see the rewards, but this time you need to travel to Nar Shaddaa, Upper Promenade (near GSI Reputation Vendor). One of reputation vendors is selling companion customization stuff, while the other sells the rest. They both sell THORN Priority Authorization (Outside Standing), item that starts the [OPS] The Rakghoul Nightmare mission. T.H.O.R.N.

Reputation rewards are:
  1. Thorn Priority Authorization (Outside Standing) Costs: 1 000 Credits.
  2. THORN Epicenter Set (Newcomer Standing) Costs: 1 Rakghoul DNA Canister each.
  3. Relics (Newcomer Standing) – give temporarily immune to infection from the rakghoul plague. Cost: 5 000 – 20 000 Credits.
  4. Companion Customizations (Friend Standing). Cost: 8 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each, except for Plagued Treek Customization that costs 12 Rakghoul DNA Canisters.
  5. Weapon Skins(Hero Standing) Cost: 4 – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each.
  6. THORN Dark Vector Set (Champion Standing) Costs: 2 – 6 Rakghoul DNA Canisters each.

Jedi Warrior Companion Customizations

Treek Customization


As you can find this NPC Jeelvic only in Rakghoul Tunnel, thus, better be quick in acquiring items. He also requires T.H.O.R.N. reputation standings for some of the items.

Jeelvic offers:
  1. Crystals ( +16 and +41 Expertise Rating/Endurance/Critical Rating/Power )
  2. Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-lizard (Legend Standing) / Costs: 10 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom, 1 Exotic Plague Specimen
  3. Rakghoul DNA Canister / Costs: 50 Rakghoul DNA Sample
  4. Rakghoul Vaccine / Costs: 1 Rakghoul DNA Sample
  5. Irradiated Rakling (Newcomer Standing) / Costs: 2 Rakghoul DNA Canisters
  6. Contaminated Rakling Pet (Champion Standing) / Costs: 4 Rakghoul DNA Canisters
  7. Infected Dewback (Legend Standing) / Costs: 50 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom, 4 Exotic Plague Specimen
  8. Infected Varactyl (Legend Standing) / Costs: 25 Rakghoul DNA Canister, 1 Barnacle of the Eyeless, 1 Symbiotic Fungal Bloom, 2 Exotic Plague Specimen

Codex Entries

  • Thorn- Organizations / Obtainable upon completing small cut-scene from the News Terminals at the main fleet.
  • Rakghouls on Alderaan – Events / Obtainable upon reaching Alderaan while the plague is on the full swing.
  • The Spike – Lore / Obtainable upon reaching the Spike area. This is the area where you can find an elevator that takes you to the Rakghoul Tunnels.
  • The Rakghoul Tunnels – Locations / Obtainable upon entering Rakghoul Tunnels.
  • Rakghoul Propagation – Lore / Obtainable upon accepting quests from the Mission Terminal in Rakghoul Tunnels.
  • The Eyeless – Lore / Obtainable upon defeating an OPS boss The Eyeless.


Under Rakghoul Resurgence tab inside of Events / Achievements you can find four separate achievement tabs.
  • Beasts / 170 points in total + Legacy Tittle: Rakghoul Ravager
  • General / 135 points in total + Legacy Tittle: Cure for the Plague
  • Player Vs. Player / 220 points in total
  • Pets / 175 points in total + Legacy Tittle: Lord of the Raklings
Under Epic Enemies tab inside of Operations / Achievements you can find The Eyeless tab. This tab rewards 70 points in total. In order to acquire them all you need to kill The Eyeless OPS mob in 8 man and 16 man Story and Hard Mode.


Hey, I’m A Fungi is an achievement that requires you to kill 5 different mobs in the Rakghoul Tunnels (5 times) and The Catalyst (once). Four of these mobs can be found in the Inrested Pathways, while the last one can be found in The Epicenter. Catalyst is OPS mob. Entrance to this area is in Southeastern Inrested Pathwways.


Tunneling through the Mountains is an achievement that you receive upon completing mission REP [DAILY] Quarantine: House Organa or / IMP DAILY] Quarantine: House Thul.

Player Vs. Player

There is an hidden achievement for killing 1 000 players with the rakghoul plague.


Source: Reddit- user enderandrew42, post Where to find all the Rakghoul event pets There are 11 pets that you need to acquire in order to be able to complete all of the achievements of this section. Their names and locations are listed below:
  • Plaguetail Kowakian Monkey-Lizard – Buy from Jeelvic
  • Contaminated Rakling – Buy from Jeelvic
  • Crimson Rakling – Tunnel Lurker rare drop
  • Fungal Rakling – Fungus Rakghouls rare drop
  • Irradiated Rakling – Buy from Jeelvic
  • Midnight Rakling – Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint, boss The Midnight Rakghoul
  • Pale Rakling – Frenzied Plaguebearer
  • Symbiote Rakling – Eyeless rare drop
  • Plagueshard Lylek – Shellshock Guaranteed
  • Plaguehorn Reek – Next planet world boss?
  • Plaguetooth Sleen – Next planet world boss?

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