Orokeet pet guide

Among all the new things that the “Patch 1.2 – Legacy” brought there are new mini-pets in game that can be obtained through various sources. Among those is the Orokeet bird mini-pet that takes several steps to get to, neither of which is trivial. Here is a full guide with screenshots on how to get this great looking mini-pet.

Step 1. Get the Unusual Egg on Alderaan
There are two reported spawning spots (if you find out about more please let us know in the comments) and the spawning time is around 8 hours!
The first spawn point is at Alsakan Lowlands, bellow the broken bridge. Once you get to the broken bridge you need to jump down onto a tree spanning the void beneath the bridge. Next you jump from the tree onto the nest containing the egg.

The second spawn point is at Kaamos Territory, above the cave entrance. You need to enter the cave and reach its end, than from the top of the mountain drop down into the egg nest.

The third spawn location is in the Castle Panteer. You need MGGS item (the same item that you need for +10 datacron).

Step 2. Get the “Refreshed and Sustained” buff on Tatooine

You need to go to Tattoine’s Judland area. There are structures scattered around the desert. Close to the base of these structures you will see the “Water Access Panel”. Only some of the structures have this panel active (at random). Using the Water Access Panel you will get the “Refreshed and Sustained” buff. (some of you might remember that this same step was needed to get the Magenta Crystal).

Step 3. Hatch the Unusual Egg at the heat source

The heat source that will help you hatch the Unusual egg is located in the Dune Sea on Tatooine (at the Czerka Archaeological site). There is a special solar panel in that you need to stand under in order for the egg to hatch. By standing underneath the panel you will be subjected to the “Heath Exhaustion” debuff which can kill you. Luckily you are protected from this debuff with the “Sustained and Refreshed” buff you acquired earlier. With the buff, you run to the solar panel, stand underneath until the egg hatches and make sure you move away right away because your Sustained and refreshed buff will expire due to the Heat Exhaustion debuff.

Step 4. Enjoy your pet 🙂 /dance

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