How To Optimize Your Companion Crew Skill Bonuses In SWTOR

If you are wanting to find a resource that will help you make one of the most informed choices as to which class to play based on which set of companions and bonuses to a certain crew skill each classes companions get, you have come to the right place!

This guide is geared towards the crafting min-maxer at a medium to advanced level and will probably not make much sense to others as to why these choices matter, but if you are a person that crafting is very important and crucial to your game plan then read on.

If you are like me, you are thinking ahead to just what companion provides the best bonus for each individual crafting skill. Normally most people would pick the class they want to play first before worrying about crew skills or companion bonus choices, but for a person like me who plans on playing all classes eventually anyway, the choice of which crafting skill I plan to focus on at the time is the first choice I make before choosing class.

Another added bonus that a guide like this might provide you is the ability to get the synergy among your eight allowed character choices on your main server in tune so that you have all your crafting bases covered with optimal efficiency on gear you can make and send to all your characters.

With all the choices available this was very hard for me to figure out until I hammered this info out for myself and worked through it based on the types of characters and faction I wanted to focus on.

The best way that I can think of to break it down is by crafting skill and then by light side and dark side optimal choices in case you lean strongly to one side or the other. This should give you the ability to make the most informed choice possible on this subject.

(BTW all of this information was gathered at our awesome companion database, if you haven’t seen it already please do look at it before continuing. It is the absolute best place to look when trying to figure this strategy out 🙂 )


Light Side
Trooper companion Tanno Vik with a +5 to critical armormech and +1 to critical underworld trading
Smuggler companion Akaavi Spar with a +10 critical armormech and +2 critical bioanalysis

Dark Side Bounty Hunter companion Blizz with a +15 to armormech and +1 to critical armstech
Imperial agent companion Ensign Raina Temple with a +10 to scavenging and +2 to critical armormech


Light Side
Trooper companion Aric Jorgan with a +10 to armstech efficiency and +2 to diplomacy critical
Jedi Knight companion Sergeant Fideltin Rusk with a +10 to armstech efficiency and +10 to scavenging efficiency
Jedi Consular companion Lieutenant Felix Iresso with a +2 to critical armstech and +2 to critical scavenging

Dark Side
Sith warrior companion Malavi Quinn with a +10 to armstech and +10 to diplomacy
Imperial Agent companion Kaliyo D’jannis with a +10 to armstech and +2 to critical underworld trading


Light side
Smuggler companion Guss Tuno with a +10 to archaeology and +2 to critical treasure hunting
Jedi Knight companion Lord Scourge with a +10 artifice efficiency and a +10 to archaeology efficiency

Dark Side Sith Warrior companion Jaesa Wilsaam with a +5 to archaeology and a +5 to critical synthweaving
Sith Inquisitor companion Khem Val with a +15 to artifice and a +5 to research


Light Side
Trooper companion Elara Dorne with a +10 to biochem efficiency and a +10 to bioanalysis efficiency
Jedi Knight companions T7-01 with a +10 to bioanalysis efficiency and a +2 to slicing critical
Doc with a +5 to underworld trading and a +5 to critical biochem

Dark side
Sith Inquisitor companion Xalek with a +10 to bioanalysis and +2 to critical scavenging
Imperial Agent companion Doctor Eckard Lokin with a +15 to biochem and a +10 to research


Light Side Trooper companion M1-4X with a +5 to cybertech and a +5 to critical scavenging
Smuggler companion Bowdaar with a +10 to cybertech efficiency and a +10 to scavenging efficiency

Dark Side Sith Warrior companion Lieutenant Pierce with a +10 to cybertech and a +2 to critical research
Imperial Agent companion Scorpio with a +10 to cybertech and a +2 to critical slicing


Light Side
Jedi Knight companion Kira Carson with a +5 to critical synthweaving and a +1 to critical research
Jedi Consular companion Nadia Grell with a +10 to synthweaving and a +2 to critical diplomacy

Dark Side
Sith Warrior companion Jaesa Wilsaam with a +5 to archaeology and a +5 to critical synthweaving
Sith Inquisitor companion Ashara Zavros with a +10 to synthweaving and a +10 to diplomacy

With this list it is more clear to see which companions might be a better choice if you plan to specialize in one crafting crew skill. If you have made your mind up that you want to be an armormech for instance, and you haven’t chosen a class yet your best option appears to be a Trooper or Smuggler for the light side and possibly a Bounty Hunter or a Imperial Agent for the darkside.

There is one other choice as well that may factor into your decision of which class/companion combo to choose that bears mentioning and that would be the issue of whether or not the chosen class can actually use the items that crafting crew skill can make. Unless you are planning on running multiple crafting skill specialist characters that are on the same faction like me, then you might want to choose the class that can best make use of the gear you can create with all these new found bonuses.

From our earlier example a perfect choice for a character that wants to specialize in armormech and the making of medium to heavy armor for the light side would be the Trooper. He has a companion that has a very good set of bonuses to armormech and related mission skills and he has the added advantage of actually being able to use the medium to heavy armor made by the crafting skill armormech which outweighs the Smugglers use of light to medium armor.

With all that said I hope you enjoyed this guide and got some information from it to help you make a more informed choice for the serious crafter, stay tuned for my next guide in the crew skills series that deals with just what all these companion crew skills bonuses mean and affect in game!

Any comments or questions about this guide please feel free to leave them, I look forward to providing you with many more outside of the box thinking strategies that will help you excel in your crafting game, be sure to follow me on Twitter for notification of new general game play and crew skills guides being posted and also for news about updates to these guides.

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