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After completing the last class mission on your second planet, around level 16, you will receive your Starship and start your space combat adventures. The Space Combat system in Star Wars: The Old Republic is designed in an arcade style game. Every combat mission will put you on a pre-determined course towards your objective and you’ll maneuver your ship through obstacles and deal with enemies that cross your path within the allocated time frame.

Space Combat Controls
  • Left Mouse Click – Shoots your blasters. If you hold your Left Mouse Button down you will firing your blasters continuously.
  • Right Mouse Click – Fires your missiles. Holding your Right Mouse Button down enables you to select up to 4 targets at once for missiles.
  • Use your mouse to move your Starship around the screen. For the additional adjustments you can use W,A,S,D keyboard keys in combination with the mouse move.
  • Spacebar – Your Starship will maje a barrel roll.
  • Special upgrades for your Starship are bound to keys 1,2,3,4 on your keyboard.

Space Combat Tips

  • The hidden bonus objectives always require 30 missiles or a Proton Torpedo. Makam Te’s bridge requires 30, Balosar Outpost’s communications tower requires 30, Zosha (Makam Te Hard) requires 30, and so on. Your missile damage never goes up, and the ‘health’ of these objects is the same across all space missions. Always 30 missiles or a Proton Torpedo.
  • Blasters do not damage shielded objects at all. Ever. Even when you’re doing 100 per shot, 10 shots / sec, and have your beams overcharged. If you see white/blue ripples when you shoot a target, you are not doing damage to it–use missiles. Some objects are shielded differently in different missions, however; Makam Te’s Capitol Shield Generators are not shielded, but Zosha Advance’s are.
  • The reward for destroying hidden bonus objectives (bridges, comm towers) is 500xp per kill, with an additional 2500-3000xp and credits for the first kill in that mission per day. You can run the same mission repeatedly and keep blowing up the bridge, but you’ll only get the kill credit, not the bonus objective.
  • It is not possible to destroy the bridge in Archenar Interception / Drexel Sweep (Republic) before you have the Proton Torpedo. Even if you fire missiles through the asteroid, you only ever have time for 28 missiles. Ever. The Empire mirrors of these missions can have their bridges destroyed, as the Republic capitol ships have a different geometry and are on screen longer.
  • Zosha Advance has five shielded targets, including the bridge. You have 4 Proton Torpedoes. When your torpedoes are cooling down, you can fire missiles as normal; it takes six to blow up a shield generator. If you’re out of torpedoes, you also default to missiles.
  • Kalee Fortification (Republic) does not have a bonus objective for destroying the capitol ship’s bridge. Neither is there a bonus for destroying everything on the capitol ship.
  • On Hydian Way / Impossible Sector (Republic), you can use your EMP Generator to destroy mines. Excellent targets are the second pass through the first mine field, and the second pass through the second mine field. By “second pass”, I do not mean when you revisit it later, but rather when you go through it once, turn around, and fly through again. The first mine field alone, when EMPed in this way, can net you about 140+ mines at once.


  • Bonus (1) Is usually shoot down ships etc and is usually always easy
  • Bonus (2) is usually related to the capital ships and w/o lots of missiles and best weapons is hard to do on some missions
  • Bonus (3) Appear to only be doable once a day that favour having proton-torpedos taking out the bridge/comms tower in the captial ships/stations
  • The per hr figures are only rough due to loading times being different for everyone and is only a baseline to compare the missions. However you should be able to judge which ones are worth your time from the figures. (For the majority of people the figure will be ~10% less than the max.)
  • Completion of Kalee Fortification/Aeten Defense gives you the T6 Purple Beam Generator
  • Completion of Impossible Sector/Ascendancy Barrier Gives the Hot Shot Pilot Title

Guide Author: Plate Beard

In the table below you can find space combat information about Republis and Empire missions, bonuses and commendations. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Plate Beard for making this table and removing any mystery from Space Combat missions, and allowing us to post it on our site. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of the SWTOR community members and we hope you will enjoy it. You can also follow Plate Beard work with some other interesting data here.

We would also like to say a special thank you to gorgewall for Space Combat Tips.

Mission RepublicMission EmpireTime TakenCredCommen.Commen. /hrCumul CredCumul TokensMoney /hr (b1&2)Bonus(1)Bonus(2)Bonus(3) DailyCumulative Cred w/bonus 1/2/3Additional Notes
Operation Midnight FreedomOperation Silent Roar3;30645497555415
Fondor EscortJabiim Escort3;303301177,71412004320Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Operation Searing LightOperation Echo Quake11;1015845224479410
Javaal Fleet ActionSaleucami Fleet Action4;4033011317,6791988472538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship at end.
Balosar OutpostCartel Listening Station6;303301912,6921988472538Bonus (3): Destroy Communications Spire on base of station.
Operation Noble GambitOperation Eternal Domain8;25188563175811531
Archenar InterceptionNez Peron Sweep3;4564511632,01611581982538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Makem Te AssaultSarapin Assault4;4064511333,03038615382538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Operation Ardent WaveOperation Molten Splinter10;003090759161115277
Syvris EvacuationTaspan Ambush3;30141311757,00038615262538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Llanic Station StrikeEzran Outpost6;30141332834,94884715262538Bonus (3): Destroy Communications Spire on base of station.
Operation Glory CycloneOperation Rising Fury10;004068885221419319
Pakuuni DefenseSkaross Fortification5;20222733460,739133518372538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Kovor Ice FieldMugaar Ice Field4;40222733961,40671218372538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital end
Operation Sunder ZeroOperation Sweeping Menace11;4551969116901516227
Hydian Way BlockadePolith Minefield8;00324732355,485197521760Bonus (3): None available
Drexel SweepSullust Interception3;45324734858,12838600Bonus (3): None available
Operation Grand NovaOperation Raging Dawn10;00536010134002022662
Kalee FortificationAeten Defense5;20402055699,473241124110Bonus (3): None available
Zosha AdvanceClouds of Vondoru4;40402056476,140190202538Bonus (3): Destroy bridge on Capital Ship.
Operation New EclipseOperation Ascendant Pride8;00784815127532018639
The Impossible SectorAscendancy Barrier8;00490553880,933294329430Bonus (3): None available

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6 Responses to Space Combat Quide

  1. Comment by The Adjective Noun made on February 27, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    there is bonuses on “The Impossible Sector” “Kalee Fortification” “Hydian Way Bloackade” “Drexel Sweep” and I have screen shots to prove that too.

    • Comment by The Adjective Noun made on February 27, 2012 at 5:06 pm

      just because you don’t destroy a command center or a tower does not exclude it from a bonus. If it flashes up as bonus it is a bonus. False information here on some of the bonuses.

  2. Comment by The Adjective Noun made on February 27, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Drexel Sweep/Archenar Interception

    Command Center for both
    12 Turrets for both
    100 Snubfighters for Archenar Interception

    Hydian Way Blockade/Impossible Sector

    Disable Fighter Tenders 4
    Neutralize Heavy Fighters 4

  3. Comment by The Adjective Noun made on February 27, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Kalee Fortification and Pakuuni Defense
    4 Capital Ship Shield Generators

  4. Comment by Tink made on March 3, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Yes there are some inaccuracies, its a work in progress.

    Thank you Plate Beard for the hours it must have taken putting this together.

    I have gotten tremendous benefit from it.

    I look forward to the modified version.

  5. Comment by Jakk Frost made on April 17, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    The outpost missions (with the comms tower underneath) only require about 15 missiles for the tower.