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Operation Searing Light

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[Repeatable: Daily]
Mission 1: Balosar Outpost
Scouts have located a hidden Imperial space station in the Republic-aligned Balosar system. SIS analysis indicates the station was built as a staging point for covert assaults.

The Republic will not stand still while the Empire stresses the terms of our peace. The space station must be neutralized.

Republic fighters have launched an attack, but resistance is fierce. Members of the Coruscant Aegis squadron are needed to join our assault and destroy the station.

Mission 2: Javaal Fleet Action
A crisis has broken out over the planet Javaal. The deadly Imperial squadron known as the Razor Shyracks has ambushed a Republic patrol group.

The Razor Shyracks are commanded by Sith Lord Kestas Rone (call sign Bloodletter). His fighters are believed to be responsible for six other attacks on the Republic. This is our chance to end their rampage.

Only the Coruscant Aegis squadron is fit to take down the Razor Shyracks. Hurry to the planet Javaal in the Coreward Worlds and save our patrol from Bloodletter’s attack wing.

  1. Complete the “Balosar Outpost” Mission
    ( More …)
  2. Complete the “Javaal Fleet Action” Mission
    ( )
key facts
Level: 20
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Fleet Command, Republic, Space Combat
Repeatable: YES
Experience Points: +5411


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