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Operation Rising Fury

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[Repeatable: Daily]
Mission 1: Skaross Fortification
The Republic grows bolder by the hour. Despite a strict ceasefire, Republic bombers have attacked a key Imperial manufacturing station.

The Republic shirks responsibility. It has pledged not to retaliate if we strike at the offending bombers–a sacrifice to preserve the peace.

This mission demands the Empire’s Fury. Lead your squadron to the Skaross system in the Distant Outer Rim. Destroy the Republic bombers and save the station.

Mission 2: Mugaar Ice Field
Imperial fighters have lured a Republic border patrol from the safety of Republic space.

The border patrol has entered the ice rings of the planet Mugaar. Its communications are jammed, allowing for its discreet elimination.

The Empire’s Fury is needed for this delicate mission. Navigate the ice rings of Mugaar in the Seat of the Empire and destroy the border patrol before the Republic knows it is missing.

  1. Complete the “Skaross Fortification” Mission
    ( More …)
  2. Complete the “Mugaar Ice Field” Mission
    ( )
key facts
Level: 40
Min Level: 34
Difficulty: Very Hard
Category: Fleet Command, Imperial, Space Combat
Repeatable: YES
Experience Points: +8785


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