Swtor Corellia’s Most Wanted Achievement Guide

Swtor Corellia’s Most Wanted achievement can be completed by both Empire and Republic. You can find this achievement in Legacy section, under Achievements – Corellia – General. There are eight opponents you need to defeat in order to acquire this achievement and 5 achievement points.

Swtor Corellia's Most Wanted Their names and locations are the following:
  1. Admiral Kalmic (Blastfield Shipyards, Republic Only)
  2. Eric Ericsen (Government District)
  3. Jimme Weasle (Government District, Empire Only)
  4. Krallys The Wild (Axial Park)
  5. Lord Rashal (Labor Valley, Republic Only)
  6. Prototype Rk-4 Sentinel (Labor Valley, Empire Only)
  7. Sam Ryus (Axial Park)
  8. Skrall (Axial Park)

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