List of Codex Lore Objects and Entries

While adventuring through the worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic you will make various discoveries that are saved in your Codex – Encyclopedia type journal of important terms, people and aliens you meet and things you see. Lore is a subsection of the Codex. It is different because there are two ways to get entries into the Lore section. You get automatic entries by killing some creatures or visiting places, but there are also Lore Objects, scattered all over every planet, that will provide you with additional lore entries. Below is a list of Lore entries you can find in the game. We will try and provide you with coordinates and screenshots for every Lore Object we find so you can complete your Codex Lore section. Lore entries that have a yellow icon in the Guide section have screenshots or instructions on how to find that particular Lore entry.
Planet name Codex Lore Object Name Cordinates Level Faction Class Guide


Noble HousesX: -1484, Y: 1383 1 All guide icon
The Death Mark (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
Joiners and the Killik Hive Mind 1 All  
The Head of Darth Bandon (Smuggler) 1 Republic Smuggler 
Jedi Diplomacy (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
History of Alderaan 1 All  
The War for Alderaan's Throne 1 All  
Operation: Silverplate (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
Battle of Alderaan 1 All  


Imperial Subjugation 1 Empire  
Imperial Military on Balmorra 1 Empire  
Colicoid Queen (Bounty Hunter) 1 Empire Bounty Hunter 
Operation: Blackout (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
The Invasion of Balmorra 1 All  
Balmorran Pollution 1 All  
Balmorran Corporations 1 All  
Republic Relations with Balmorra 1 Republic  
The Barrager 1 Republic  
Imperial Subjugation 1 Republic  


The World Razer 1 Republic  
Esh-Kha Culture 1 All  
The Infinite Empire 1 All  
Belsavis Prison Personnel 1 All  
The Domination Experiments 1 All  
Primeval Beasts 1 All  
Black Codex: Origins of the Star Cabal (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
History of Belsavis Prison 1 All  
Belsavis Vaults 1 All  
Rakata Technology 1 All  
Belsavis Prison Break 1 All  
Belsavis Automated Security 1 All  
Mind Trap 1 All  


The Legislature 1 Republic  
The Rocket Tram System 1 All  
The Kaggath (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
Medal of Imperial Glory 1 Empire  
History of Corellia 1 All  
First-Class Corellian Bloodstripes 1 Republic  
Black Codex: The Star Cabal's Endgame (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
The Bakvalen Family (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
Corellian Government 1 All  
The Lucky Lancer (Trooper) 1 Republic Trooper 
The Fall of Tol Braga (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
A Culture of Freedom 1 All  
Invasion of Corellia 1 All  
Firestorm Lasers (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
Starship Manufacturing 1 All  
Coronet City 1 All  


The Sacking of CoruscantX: -1137, Y: -4067 11 Republic guide icon
Republic GovernmentX: -1333, Y: -4806 10 Republic guide icon
History of CoruscantX: -2804, Y: 3004 10 Republic guide icon
Reconstruction of Coruscant 10 Republic  

Dromund Kaas

The Spires of VictoryX: -174, Y: 115 10 All guide icon
Monument to Lord ErgastX: -339, Y: 171 10 All guide icon
The Obliteration of KresshX: -1007, Y: 1169 14 All guide icon
The Blade of the Sith Executioner 15 All  
Lord Parnax's Lost Recordings 15 All  
The Phobis Devices 15 All  
Sithspawn 15 All  


Caught Between Two Foes 1 Republic  
Salvaging Starships 1 All  
The Scorekeeper (Bounty Hunter) 1 Empire Bounty Hunter 
The Battle of Hoth 1 All  
Keeping Warm: Do's and Don'ts 1 All  
Imperial War Strategy: Quagmires 1 Empire  
Hoth: No Place for Vehicles 1 All  
The Umbra Encrypter (Trooper) 1 Republic Trooper 


Evocii ExileX: -98, Y: 911 5 Empire guide icon
Evocii HistoryX: -140, Y: 419 5 Empire guide icon
The Great Hunt (Bounty Hunter) 3 Empire Bounty Hunterguide icon
EvocarX: 81, Y: 430 5 Empire guide icon
VarlX: 551, Y: 576 9 Empire guide icon
Carbonite FreezingX: 707, Y: 692 7 Empire guide icon
Evocii TribesX: 57, Y: 675 5 Empire guide icon


Pilgrimages to Ilum 1 All  
The Battle for Ilum 1 All  
Stealth Technology and Warfare 1 All  
Ilum Crystals 1 All  
The Republic's Alien Allies 1 All  


Legacy of Tulak HordX: 44, Y: 489 6 Empire guide icon
Admission to the Sith AcademyX: -453, Y: -36 3 Empire guide icon
Slavery in the EmpireX: -418, Y: 12 3 Empire guide icon
The Red EngineX: 248, Y: 403 6 Empire guide icon
Sith WeaponsX: -298, Y: 65 9 Empire guide icon
Sith Titles 3 Empire  

Nar Shaddaa

Republic Research Division 1 All  
Exo-technology (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
Power Guards (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
Imperial Re-education Center 1 All  
Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse 1 All  
Mercenary Training Facility 1 All  
Data Slicing 1 All  
Lower/Upper Office Attrium 1 All  
Network Security District 1 All  
High Security Lockdown 1 All  
Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa 1 All  
The Spice Business 1 All  
Operation: Glass Echo (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 

Ord Mantell

Refugees of WarX: 241, Y: -51 2 Republic guide icon
Smuggling 101 (Smuggler)X: 334, Y: -138 5 Republic Smugglerguide icon
Split by RebellionX: 738, Y: 446 5 Republic guide icon
Underworld Influences 9 Republic  
Ruled by Corruption 9 Republic  


Military Adrenals 1 All  
Hutt Neutrality 1 All  
Discovering Quesh Venom 1 All  
The Quake 1 All  
Atmosphere of Quesh 1 All  
Quesh Venom 1 All  
The Three Families 1 All  


Geroya Be Haran (Bounty Hunter) 1 Empire Bounty Hunter 
Taris and NonhumansX: -608, Y: -139 1 Republic guide icon
The Promised OnesX: 1204, Y: -613 1 Republic guide icon
Environment of TarisX: 292, Y: -74 1 All guide icon
Republic ReconstructionX: -1998, Y: -189 1 All guide icon
Malak's AttackX: 805, Y: -148 1 All guide icon
Rakghoul Disease 1 All  
Taris (Pre-bombardment) 1 All  
Jedi Civil War 1 All  


Shock Drum (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
History of Tatooine 1 All  
Operation: Stoneduster (Trooper) 1 Republic Trooper 
The Sarlacc 1 All  
Operation: Ghostbreaker (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
Sand Rot (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
Tulak Hord's Madness (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
Jedi Cultural Immersion (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
Krayt Dragon 1 All  


Holocron 6 Republic Jedi Knight;Jedi Consularguide icon
Rediscovering TythonX: 115, Y: -857 3 Republic guide icon
Rebuilding the Jedi OrderX: -427, Y: -508 3 Republic guide icon
Jedi WeaponsX: 15, Y: 1569 9 Republic Jedi Knight;Jedi Consularguide icon
The Principles of Rajivari (Consular)X: -76, Y: 804 6 Republic Jedi Consularguide icon


Potential Mystics (Consular) 1 All Jedi Consular 
The Voice of the Emperor (Warrior) 1 Empire Sith Warrior 
Mystic Visions 1 All  
Gormak and Voss Origins 1 All  
The Three 1 All  
The Imperial Attack on Voss 1 All  
Legend of the Shining Man (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
The Forbidden Ritual (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing 1 All  
Dream-Walking (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
Black Codex: Operation: Shining Man (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
The Deep Cradle (Consular) 1 All Jedi Consular 
Law and Order on Voss (Smuggler) 1 All Smuggler 


Gree Computer 1 Republic  
Treaty of Coruscant 1 All guide icon
Malgus's Vision 1 All  
Force-walking Sickness (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
Republic Privateers (Smuggler) 1 Republic Smuggler 
Artificial Intelligence 1 All  
Malachor Three (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
Evolved Rakghoul Plague 1 All  
Kira Carsen's Dark Past (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
Sarkhai (Consular) 1 Republic Jedi Consular 
The Shadow Arsenal (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
Kaon 1 All  
Force-walking (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
The Emperor's Plan (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
The Silencer (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
The Gauntlet Superweapon (Trooper) 1 Republic Trooper 
Imperial Boarding Protocols 1 Empire  
The Role of a Dark Council Member (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor 
Intelligence Report: Castellan Mind Control (Agent) 1 Empire Imperial Agent 
Chancellor's Service Medal (Trooper) 1 Republic Trooper 
The Desolator Superweapon (Knight) 1 Republic Jedi Knight 
The Voidwolf's Conspiracy (Smuggler) 1 Republic Smuggler 
The Schism Collective 1 All  
Plan Zero (Warrior) 1 Empire Sith Warrior 
Droid Rights 1 All  
The Emperor's Space Station 1 All  
The Ritual of Tulak Hord (Inquisitor) 1 Empire Sith Inquisitor