Salvaging Starships

Hoth has never been a friendly planet for spacefaring people. Its strong magnetic pull and icy atmosphere have spelled death for many a pilot, and crashed vessels have long littered the planet’s surface. But after the Battle of Hoth brought huge numbers of warships down–including the Republic superdreadnaught, the Star of Coruscant–Hoth became home to a massive starship graveyard. The graveyard, in turn, became a very attractive destination for pirates looking to salvage a technological edge from the wreckage.Salvaging starships in Hoth’s blizzards is a deadly occupation that can reap great rewards. One of the first pirates to scope out the starship graveyard famously made millions of credits selling Republic and Imperial weaponry back to the Republic and Empire. Now, both governments and freelancers brave Hoth’s wilderness, and many salvagers meet their ends among the cold and unstable ruins of dead ships.

key facts
Planet: Hoth
Faction: All
Class: Jedi Knight