The Domination Experiments

Code-named “Project Noble Focus,” the domination experiments are one of the Republic’s darkest and best-kept secrets. Instituted by Senator Tudos, the project’s purpose is to analyze the military capabilities of countless alien species by pitting prisoners against each other in closely monitored combat scenarios. Aliens are divided into test groups, armed and equipped appropriate to their species, and forced to battle. Winners receive better supplies and better treatment–temporarily.Although only a select few in the Republic’s political and military echelons are aware of the project’s existence, the project has come to involve several dozen personnel on Belsavis. Most of the prison staff members are unaware of the experiments, but authorized higher-ups along with the scientists and guards who maintain the project have, apparently, managed to silence their consciences.

key facts
Planet: Belsavis
Faction: All
Class: Imperial Agent