Discovering Quesh Venom

Like many great scientific advances, Quesh venom’s immense value was discovered by chance. After its initial discovery, the planet Quesh was dismissed as a toxic wasteland. Orbital chemical scans languished in a file for decades until they were unearthed by a junior Republic chemist named Bardian Aelto. After working briefly on adrenal research projects, Aelto had been assigned to review planets likely to be classified as uninhabitable.When Aelto studied Quesh’s chemical scans, he was surprised to recognize a molecule chain from his work on adrenal stimulants. Quesh’s atmosphere had properties almost identical to “Hutt venom”, the primary ingredient in the galaxy’s most high-grade adrenals. Aelto realized a relatively simple chemical process could convert this “Quesh venom” into a usable–and exceptionally valuable–compound. Thanks to one late-night session in a Coruscant laboratory, Quesh had become one of the Republic’s most valued resource worlds.

key facts
Planet: Quesh
Faction: All
Class: Smuggler