Gree Computer

The Gree are one of the galaxy’s oldest civilizations, and their initial expansion in ancient times–before they encountered the aggressive and militarily superior Infinite Empire–was aided by their remarkable technology, including sophisticated navigational computers. These computers, operating on principles that are still a mystery to modern technologists, allowed Gree starships to safely traverse turbulent areas of space, including vast asteroid fields and the Maelstrom Nebula.The Republic SIS believes the Gree computer used by the Empire was recovered from an ancient derelict starship and studied on Dromund Kaas. When its potential was realized, the Empire authorized the Gree computer’s release to allow the construction of the Maelstrom Prison. It is likely the computer’s interface has undergone some modifications: devices designed for the six-limbed cephalopodan Gree are rarely convenient for humanoids.

Additional information:

A Computer Terminal located in the Senate Tower on Coruscant.

key facts
Coordinates: X: -1070, Y: -4698
Faction: Republic
Class: Trooper