Rakata Technology

The ancient Rakata combined proficiency with the Force with a mastery of technology and bioengineering. Massive weapons of war–such as the Star Forge, a space station powered by the dark side and capable of manufacturing whole fleets–were among their largest-scale achievements, but not every Rakata creation was so grandiose.Rakata mind traps are capable of containing the psyche of an individual in a virtual environment. Creatures bred and enhanced by Rakata life-shapers can survive both hard vacuum and baradium explosives. Rakata droids possess weaponry capable of breaking apart most forms of matter at the atomic level.Rakata relics–even nonfunctional ones–are desperate sought after by those few scientists and archaeologists aware of their existence. Urban legends among smuggling rings tell of ancient devices that wreak havoc on their owners, and both Imperial Intelligence and the Strategic Information Service monitor these rumors with interest. One stray Rakata artifact can change the course of history.

key facts
Planet: Belsavis
Faction: All
Class: Imperial Agent