Evolved Rakghoul Plague

The origins of the rakghoul plague are shrouded in mystery–a biochemical accident, perhaps, or a terrible Sith creation–but the plague itself has been relatively stable for centuries, affecting only humanoid species and a handful of animals confined to Taris. Tarisian biologists have suggested that the planet’s bombardment kept the plague’s development in check by reducing the planet’s industrial pollution and the number of indigenous species.On Kaon, however, the mutated rakghoul plague is now capable of rapidly infecting animal and even plant species. Given the virulence of the baseline rakghoul plague, the potential consequences are devastating: one infected animal stowing away on a ship, one smuggled plant whose pollen carries the disease, and millions of rakghouls could spread in a horde across the galaxy. Even in a best-case scenario, containing the outbreak on Kaon will occupy the Tion Hegemony’s biologists for many years to come. If things go wrong, pandemic is inevitable.

key facts
Faction: All
Class: Jedi Consular