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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Crimson Mandalorian's Greaves4746LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Crimson Mandalorian's Helmet4746HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Enforcer's Boots4746FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Enforcer's Gloves4746HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Enforcer's Jacket4746ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Enforcer's Pants4746LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Infiltrator's Boots4746FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Infiltrator's Gloves4746HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Infiltrator's Lower Robe4746LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Infiltrator's Shirt4746ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Agile Voss Armor4443ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Agile Voss Boots4443FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Agile Voss Gloves4443HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Agile Voss Helmet4443HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Agile Voss Pants4443LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Combat Voss Armor4443ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Combat Voss Boots4443FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Combat Voss Gloves4443HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Combat Voss Helmet4443HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Combat Voss Pants4443LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Indestructible Voss Armor4443ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Indestructible Voss Boots4443FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Indestructible Voss Gloves4443HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Indestructible Voss Helmet4443HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Indestructible Voss Pants4443LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Nobility Boots4443FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Nobility Gloves4443HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Nobility Pants4443LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Nobility Robes4443ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Enforcer's Boots4039FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Enforcer's Gloves4039HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Enforcer's Jacket4039ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Enforcer's Pants4039LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Fringe Defender's Armor4039ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Fringe Defender's Boots4039FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Fringe Defender's Gauntlets4039HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Fringe Defender's Greaves4039LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Fringe Defender's Helmet4039HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Mechanized Mercenary's Armor4039ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Mechanized Mercenary's Boots4039FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Mechanized Mercenary's Gauntlets4039HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Mechanized Mercenary's Greaves4039LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Mechanized Mercenary's Tactical Visor4039HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Belt3938WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Boots3938FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Bracer3938WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Gloves3938HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Pants3938LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Vestplate3938ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Hyperspace Hotshot Visor3938HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
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