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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Noble Commander's Coat3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Noble Commander's Gloves3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Noble Commander's Headgear3131HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Noble Commander's Leggings3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outlaw's Boots3131FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outlaw's Duster3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outlaw's Gloves3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outlaw's Leggings3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outlaw's Visor3131HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Pathfinder's Boots3131FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Pathfinder's Chestplate3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Pathfinder's Gloves3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Pathfinder's Greaves3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Pathfinder's Visor3131HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
X-3 Techmaster Boots3131FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
X-3 Techmaster Coat3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
X-3 Techmaster Gloves3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
X-3 Techmaster Headgear3131HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
X-3 Techmaster Leggings3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-5 Armored Assault Harness1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dark Initiate's Robe1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dominator's Chestguard1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
MA-35 Forward Ops Chestplate1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Nomad's Robe1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Outrider's Flight Jacket1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Redeemer's Harness1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Saberist's Body Armor1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Street Slicer's Longcoat1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Wayfarer's Robe1515ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dread Guard's Corrupted Mask6350HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Karagga's Unyielding Helm5650HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
White Scalene Bracers5145WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Boots5045FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Bracers5045WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Chestguard5045ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Gauntlets5045HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Greaves5045LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Headgear5045HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Blue Scalene Utility Belt5045WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Leg Plates501LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Belt501WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Boots501FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Bracers501WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Gloves501HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Helmet501HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Conservator's Robe501ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Contractor's Belt501WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Contractor's Boots501FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Contractor's Chestguard501ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Contractor's Gloves501HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
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