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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Sand People Bloodguard Bodywrap1ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Footwraps1FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Handwraps1HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Headwrap1HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Legwraps1LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Waistwrap1WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Bloodguard Wristwraps1WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Facewrap1HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Footwraps1FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Handwraps1HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Leggings1LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Anklewraps11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Handwraps11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Headgear11HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Legwraps11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Shroud11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Waistwraps11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Wristwraps11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Armguards11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Body Armor11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Slave Girl Bottom1LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Slave Girl Bracelets1HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Slave Girl Hat1HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Slave Girl Slippers1FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Slave Girl Top1ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Chestguard11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Gauntlets11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Stalwart Protector Vambraces11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Ulgo Noble Gloves1HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Ulgo Noble Hat1HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Ulgo Noble Pants1LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Ulgo Noble Shoes1FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Ulgo Noble Suit1ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Armguards11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Body Armor11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Valiant Jedi Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Voss Mystic Gloves1HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Voss Mystic Headpiece1HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Voss Mystic Legwraps1LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Voss Mystic Robe1ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
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