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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Advanced Resolve Armoring 61817ModificationArmoring 
Advanced Resolve Augment 61817ModificationAugment 
Advanced Resolve Hilt 61817ModificationHilt 
Advanced Resolve Mod 61817ModificationMod 
Advanced Rigor Enhancement 61817ModificationEnhancement 
Advanced Shield Augment 61817ModificationAugment 
Advanced Shrouded Armoring 61817ModificationArmoring 
Advanced Shrouded Hilt 61817ModificationHilt 
Advanced Skill Armoring 61817ModificationArmoring 
Advanced Skill Augment 61817ModificationAugment 
Advanced Skill Barrel 61817ModificationBarrel 
Advanced Skill Mod 61817ModificationMod 
Advanced Surge Augment 61817ModificationAugment 
Master's Double-bladed Lightsaber1817Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Simple Artifact Security Box18Equip
Simple Artifact Storage Box18Equip
TBD [Prototype] L16 Hybrid Tank Will Shield (BIS)1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] Sensory Defense D-Shield Generator1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] Sensory Deflector D-Shield Generator1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] Sensory Force D-Focus1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] Sensory Melee D-Power Generator1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] Sensory Personal D-Power Generator1817Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
[Prototype] UD-28 Parts1817PartsDroid ArmorEquip
Hybrid Power Cannon1716Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
Silent Death1716Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
TBD [Prototype] L17 Melee DPS Alt Str Legs (BIS)1716LegsMedium ArmorEquip
TBD [Prototype] L17 Melee DPS Alt Str Wrists (BIS)1716WristsMedium ArmorEquip
TBD [Prototype] L19 Melee DPS Alt Str Feet (BIS)1717FeetMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Indignation Armguards1716WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Indignation Boots1716FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Indignation Greaves1716LegsHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Inspiration Boots1716FeetMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Inspiration Bracers1716WristsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Inspiration Leggings1716LegsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Introspection Boots1716FeetLight ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Introspection Bracers1716WristsLight ArmorEquip
[Prototype] Introspection Lower Robe1716LegsLight ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-03A Recon Boots1716FeetMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-03A Recon Bracers1716WristsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-03A Recon Leggings1716LegsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-13A Raider Boots1716FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-13A Raider Greaves1716LegsHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] RD-13A Raider Vambraces1716WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
[Prototype] TD-03A Saboteur Armguards1716WristsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] TD-03A Saboteur Boots1716FeetMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] TD-03A Saboteur Leggings1716LegsMedium ArmorEquip
[Prototype] UD-28 Core1716CoreDroid ArmorEquip
[Prototype] UD-28 Motor1716MotorDroid ArmorEquip
[Prototype] UD-29 Parts1716PartsDroid ArmorEquip
Advanced Absorb Augment 51615ModificationAugment 
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