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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Resilient Durachrome Bracers42WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Resilient Durachrome Vest42ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Resilient Mod 184241ModificationMod 
Resilient Mod 18A4241ModificationMod 
Resilient Mod 18B4241ModificationMod 
Resist Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Resolve Armoring 184241ModificationArmoring 
Resolve Augment 184241ModificationAugment 
Resolve Hilt 184241ModificationHilt 
Resolve Mod 184241ModificationMod 
Resonating Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Robust Mod 184241ModificationMod 
Robust Mod 18A4241ModificationMod 
Robust Mod 18B4241ModificationMod 
Roguish Holdout Blaster4242Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
Saberstaff of Nightmares4242Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Safeguard Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Sagacity Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Savant Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Savant Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Schematic: Blue Expert Crystal42Equip
Schematic: Green Expert Crystal42Equip
Schematic: Red Expert Crystal42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Awareness D-Motivator42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Cardio D-System42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Combat D-Package42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Mastery D-Enhancer42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Might D-Package42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Reaction D-Implant42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Reflex D-Enhancer42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Rejuvenation D-System42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Resistance D-Implant42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Resolve D-System42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Response D-Implant42Equip
Schematic: Subelectronic Skill D-Package42Equip
Schematic: Yellow Expert Crystal42Equip
Sentient Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Sentry's Fearless Double-Bladed Lightsaber4241Main Hand (Melee)Double-Bladed LightsaberEquip
Sentry's Fearless Lightsaber4241Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Severe Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Severe Enhancement 18A4241ModificationEnhancement 
Shadow Hunter Gloves4240HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Shield Augment 184241ModificationAugment 
Shrouded Armoring 184241ModificationArmoring 
Shrouded Enhancement 18A4241ModificationEnhancement 
Shrouded Hilt 184241ModificationHilt 
Sith Annihilator's Handgear4241HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Sith Champion's Handgear4241HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
Skill Armoring 184241ModificationArmoring 
Skill Augment 184241ModificationAugment 
1 2 3 ...445 446 447 448 ...892 893 894


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