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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Superior Mastery D-Adaptor42EarEquip
Superior Might D-Device42EarEquip
Superior Reaction D-Module42EarEquip
Superior Reflex D-Adaptor42EarEquip
Superior Rejuvenation D-Relay42EarEquip
Superior Resistance D-Module42EarEquip
Superior Resolve D-Relay42EarEquip
Superior Response D-Module42EarEquip
Superior Skill D-Device42EarEquip
Surge Augment 184241ModificationAugment 
Tapered Paramount Tech Healer's Knife4242KnifeVibroknifeEquip
TD-06A Fury Belt4241WaistMedium ArmorEquip
TD-07A Blackguard Gauntlets4241HandsMedium ArmorEquip
TD-17A Colossus Gloves4241HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
TH-06A Master Surgeon Belt4241WaistMedium ArmorEquip
TH-16A Tech Belt4241WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Triumphant Enhancement 18B4241ModificationEnhancement 
TT-16A Powered Assault Belt4241WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
TT-17A Hydra Gauntlets4241HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
U-113 Rancor-X Blaster4242Main Hand (Ranged)Blaster PistolEquip
U-403 Military Incinerator4242Main Hand (Ranged)Assault CannonEquip
Ultrachrome Barrage Bracers42WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Barrage Jacket42ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Battle Armguards42WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Battle Jacket42ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Combat Bracers42WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Combat Suit42ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Onslaught Chestguard42ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome Onslaught Vambraces42WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome War Body Armor42ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Ultrachrome War Bracers42WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Veiled Vine-silk Bracers42WristsLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Vine-silk Robe42ChestLight ArmorEquip
Venerable Ardent Blade's Lightsaber4242Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Venerable Ardent Blade's Waistcord4241WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Venerable Ardent Warrior's Lightsaber4242Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Venerable Ardent Warrior's Waistcord4241WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Venerable Battlemind's Sash4241WaistLight ArmorEquip
Venerable Exemplar's Waistwrap4241WaistLight ArmorEquip
Venerable Paragon's Belt4241WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Venerable Seeker's Waistwrap4241WaistLight ArmorEquip
Venerable Subjugator's Lightsaber4242Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Venerable Vindicator's Belt4241WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Venerable Vindicator's Lightsaber4242Offhand (Melee)LightsaberEquip
Veracity Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Verity Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Vigilant Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
Vigor Mod 184241ModificationMod 
Visceral Mod 18A4241ModificationMod 
Volition Enhancement 184241ModificationEnhancement 
1 2 3 ...446 447 448 449 ...892 893 894


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