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There are two special items you can buy in the Cartel Market for your coins and those are Black Market Cartel Pack and Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack. These packs contain 3 and 5 items respectively and they are randomly picked … Continue reading

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At level 25, you can get your first Speeder (vehicle or mount), at either Tatooine, the Republic Fleet, or the Imperial Fleet. The Speeder Vendor Barik at Republic Fleet – Carrick station is located in Galactic Trade Market (coordinates: -4558, -4845). Tatooine has a better selection of beginning Speeders. As you leave the Anchorhead spaceport, you will see the taxi and the Speeder vendor to your right (coordinates: 1865,-3285). Examples of the Speeders are found on the lot, but be warned; the Speeders you get may not look the same. All Speeders at Anchorhead cost 8,000 credits and add 90% to your speed. Continue reading

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