SWTOR Relics of the Gree Guide

The Relics of the Gree Event starts on Ilum. After gaining enough reputation with The Gree Enclave Organization you should visit their vendors Rodok’k and Birak’k who offer interesting items like pets, Gray Helix Weapons, Blue, Red and White Scalene Armor. More details about Reputation Vendor Locations and rewards you can find in our guide SWTOR Galactic Reputation Vendors Locations.

Note: There is also additional quest Gree Research Initiative that rewards you with a Green Memory Chip. You can start the quest by approaching to the floating News Terminal on the Republic Fleet.

From the Reputation Missions you can choose the following missions:

  • [PvP] Data Recolection
  • [PvP] Charging the Pylon
  • [Heroic] Primary Studies
  • [Daily] Catalysis
  • [Daily] Experimental Bounds
  • [Daily] Unexpected Variables

[PvP] Data Recollection / [PvP] Data Retrieval

Your aim is to retrieve 10 Memory Core from Imperial Droids and Recover Sensor Array. After that you have to scan down 2 Military Vehicles. The third part is to defeat a Heavy War Droid.
Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 100 Warzone Commendations

The Gree Hyper-Dome (Bonus)

After completing [PvP] Data Recollection, a bonus quest will pop up.
Your aim is to defeat the Ancient Gree Destroyer.

[PvP] Charging the Pylon

Your aim is to collect Orbs from Energy Condensers. Once you gather the Orbs carry them to the Gree Energy Pylon. Charging the Pylon last four seconds, and can be interrupted by enemies. After placing the Orb in the Gree Energy Pylon, the Pylon will change the color, and you cannot use it for one minute.
Rewards: 1 Gree Data Core, 100 Warzone Commendations

[Heroic] Primary Testing

Your aim is to defeat 3 Pylon Guardians and Complete 6 Program at a Gree Research Pylon.
The Gree Research Pylons are marked on the map. Go to any of 6 locations and each time you activate the console heroic mobs will spawn, thus, you don’t have to visit other locations.
Rewards: 1 Gray Helix Component, 1 Gree Data Core Prototype, 5 Daily Commendations

[Daily] Experimental Bounds / [Daily] Confirmation Bias

Your aim is to obtain Gree Comm Protocol. Head north, and kill droids in order to get Gree Comm Protocol (it’s a random drop).
Your next task is to Slice Probe Relay.
Rewards: Gree Memory Chip, 2 Daily Commendations

[Daily] Unexpected Variables / [Daily] External Variables

Your aim is to Defeat 20 Tonvarr Forces, Recover 5 Stolen Gree Techs, Recover 2 Hyperspace Coordinates.
Stolen Gree Techs and Hyperspace Coordinates are drops from Tonvarr Forces.
Once you collect all items summon Captain Jaako by disabling the pirate beacon. Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 2 Daily Commendations

[Daily] Catalysis / [Daily] Supplemental Research

Your aim is to recover 15 Combat Specimen Data Chips and 6 Crystals. The Combat Specimen Data Chips are drops from animal-mobs named Combat Specimens.
Crystals can be obtained from glowing Crystal Formations.
Once you collect all items, summon Iraida Burrower by clicking on the Gnawed Tauntaun (on the location marked on the map). Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 2 Daily Commendations

Once you reach the Newcomer rank (7500 reputation points) with The Gree Enclave, new missions will become available for you. Head to the the reputation vendor Rodok’k and purchase the Gray Secant authorization item for 1,000 credits. Also, if you are not a subscriber you need to buy Authorization: Event Equipment Requisition from unlock tab at Cartel Market for 175 Cartel Coins.

[Daily] Advanced Training / Advanced Analysis

Reward: Gree Data Core, 2 Daily Commendations
Codex: Gray Secant Ships
The mission sends you to the Grey Secant. In the north of the Western Ice Shelf, there are two entrances to a ship. The Empire entrance is on the left side, while the Republic one is on the right side. Enter the room with One-way matter Transfer and choose to travel to The Gray Secent.

The next part of the mission sends you to activate three consoles/terminals, and to defeat three strong enemies called Threat Detection Algorithm that have 15,340 hp

During the third part of the mission use the Blue Torus to Defeat a Core Defense Unit. You can make a damage only with the Blue Torus item.
There is also a codex: Gray Secant Ships near the Core Defense Unit.

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