SWTOR Galactic Reputation Vendors Locations

Throughout the galaxy, you will find Reputation Vendors associated with each organization. Special rewards with Reputation Rank requirements can be purchased from these vendors. Items and equipment with a Reputation Rank requirement can only be purchased, used, or equipped if you meet or exceed the rank requirement.


Gree Reputation Vendors are located on Ilum (Rodok’k and Birak’k)

Rewards: Gree Data Core Pet, Miniature Grey Secant Pet, White Scalene Armor, Red Scalene Armor, Blue Scalene Armor, Gray Helix Weapons

Republic Hyperspace Armada Reputation Vendor on Republic Fleet

Rewards: Deep Space StarFighter Helmet, Hyperspace Armor

Republic Fifth Assault Battalion Reputation Vendor on Belsavis (Section X)

Rewards:Baby Drouk Pet, Section Guardian Armor

The Voss Reputation Vendor on Voss

Rewards: Voss Ambassador Armor


Imperial First Mobile Fleet on Imperial Fleet

Rewards: Hyperspace Hotshot Armor, Deep Space Starfighter Helmet

Imperial Guard on Belsavis

Rewards: Baby Drouk, Section Guardian Armor

The Voss Reputation Vendor on Voss

Rewards: Voss Ambassador Armor

The Gree Enclave on Illum

Rewards: Grey Helix Weapons, Miniature Gray Secant, Gree Data Core Pet, Blue Scelene Armor, Red Scelene Armor, White Scelene Armor

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One Response to SWTOR Galactic Reputation Vendors Locations

  1. Comment by Bob made on May 14, 2023 at 1:41 am

    Why do you publish “Corellia” as a keyword when you do not show any reputation vendors there?