Sith Weapons

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Additional information:

You will receive this Lore as a part of Mission Quest A Map for the Future – Sith inquisitor class story quest. This is the last mission quest before you are sent to Dromund Kaas.
As a Sith Warrior you get this Codex entry during the quest The Final Trial

Original Game Codex Text

The most visible symbol of the Sith is their iconic weapon: the lightsaber. Lightsabers are powered through a combination of rare crystals, precise engineering and the Force itself. They come in both single- and double-bladed forms, and the Sith are believed to be the first to wield the double-blade. While a lightsaber hilt is often customized by its owner, the blade’s color is determined by its crystal; red, purple and orange are the most common colors among the Sith, though other colors, such as magenta and cyan, are known to exist.Acolytes seeking to wield these weapons are required to begin their trials using an electroblade training sword, an unwieldy device designed to cause painful shocks to the target. If an acolyte is found worthy, he may hone his abilities with an ancient Sith warblade–a weapon used in an era before lightsabers, crafted by pureblooded artisans. In the end, only the strongest and deadliest acolytes may earn a lightsaber for themselves, seizing one from a failed Sith or Jedi or uncovering it in the depths of a tomb.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 9
Planet: Korriban