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A Map for the Future

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You have been given your final trial. You must venture into the tomb of Naga Sadow and retrieve an ancient map for Lord Zash. Unfortunately, to get to the map, you have to awaken an ancient creature known as the Dashade.

To access the Dashade’s chamber, you must first gather the ancient rods hidden throughout the tomb. Gather the ancient rods from within the tomb of Naga Sadow.

  1. Collect the Rod of Hate
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    You have to click on the rod not on the statue
  2. Collect the Rod of Fury
    ( )
  3. Collect the Rod of Wrath
    ( )
  4. Collect the Rod of Despair
    ( )
  5. Place the Rods at their Altars
    ( More …)
  6. Mediate at the Altar
    ( More …)
  7. Enter the Dashade’s Chamber
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  8. Speak to the Dashade
    ( More …)
  9. Defeat the Dashade
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  10. Speak to the Dashade
    ( More …)
  11. Find a Way Through the Debris Wall
    ( More …)
  12. Retrieve the Ancient Map
    ( More …)
  13. Return to Overseer Harkun
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  14. Speak to Overseer Harkun
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  15. Speak to Lord Zash
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Additional Information

  • After speaking to Overseer Harkun, Lord Zash will appear and kill his student. After that Overseer Harkun will treaten you and you will have two answers:

    1. Talk all you want (50 Dark Side points)

    2. You were a good teacher (50 Light Side points)
key facts
Level: 10
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Sith Inquisitor, Korriban, Class
Planet: Korriban
Starting NPC: Overseer Harkun
Experience Points: +2520
Light Side Points: 100
Dark Side Points: 100
Items – class specific
These items are awarded based on your character’s class. You get only the one appropriate for your class
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