Imperial Subjugation

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Additional information:

Empire Side: X:-1459, Y:1767
Republic side: X:-1663, Y:1745

We would like to thank Jamie, Jacuh, brett’dah, Mikael for additional information and Andmayer and Zekaonar for screenshots.

Original Game Codex Text

After the initial invasion of Balmorra, the Empire found itself facing immense opposition. Many former members of Balmorra’s army remained on the planet in the form of a loosely organized resistance force, taking advantage of their superior numbers and knowledge of the terrain to wage an ongoing guerrilla war. Resistance soon came in other forms, as well: rebellious citizens, treacherous factory foremen, saboteurs posing as allies and terrorist cells all tried to thwart the Empire’s attempts to fully control the industrial world.In response, the Empire has placed the territories it controls under strict lockdown, using a combination of propaganda and military policing to subjugate the unruly Balmorran population. Curfews are enforced and all citizens must apply for official IDs–a process that tests their loyalty to the Empire–or else be marked as resistance sympathizers and arrested. Punishments for attacks on Imperial infrastructure are regularly meted out against perpetrators’ families, or even against the entire population; the lesson must be taught.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 16
Planet: Balmorra