Imperial Subjugation

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Additional information:

Empire Side: In a house that Hidden Crimes starts in (datapad on table between a bunch of enemies). X:-1456, Y:1761

Republic side: X:-1663, Y:1745

We would like to thank Jamie, Jacuh, brett’dah, Mikael for additional information and Andmayer for screenshots for Republic side.

Original Game Codex Text

The Empire’s long occupation of Balmorra has been marked by overt brutality against the citizenry and near-constant battles with resistance forces. Although the planet was conquered through ingenuity and highly original tactics, the subjugation of its people has followed standard Imperial doctrine: suspension of civil liberties, establishment of brutal prison camps and summary public executions of known rebels.Where most worlds crumble into slave-like obedience after only a few months of such oppression, Balmorra’s people refuse to surrender after years of suffering. The resistance has outlasted the predictions of both the Republic and Empire and survived multiple purges carried out by ambitious Moffs and sadistic Sith Lords. Indeed, the Empire’s experience on Balmorra has forced it to re-evaluate its approach to conquest and dominance.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 32
Planet: Balmorra