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X: 28, Y: -173

Additional information:

You get this codex entry as you turn in and finish the quest Creeping Hunger. Creepy…

Original Game Codex Text

Abyssins are a nomadic and savage species from the planet Byss. They are distinguished most obviously by the single large eye centered prominently on their foreheads. They are also notoriously hard to kill, possessing incredible regenerative abilities that allow them to recover from virtually any non-fatal wound.The Abyssins’ uncanny resilience has no doubt contributed to their violent culture. While bloody conflicts between warring tribes are all too common, casualties from these skirmishes are surprisingly few. Their fortitude makes them ideal hired muscle, and they often find work throughout the galaxy as mercenaries and bodyguards.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 7
Planet: Korriban