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Down in History

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Corellia, one of the founding members of the Republic and a huge strategic resource, is now under Imperial control. After restoring access to the rocket tram and dealing with the Empire’s prototype droids, you have cleared the way for the Republic to engage in a full-scale war for the planet. The battle that could tip the scales in either direction is currently underway in Axial Park. Your assistance has been requested in the biggest battle for Corellia yet.

  1. Confront Commander Tainor
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  2. Defeat Commander Tainor
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  3. Speak to Commander Tainor
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Option :1 Choose to Kill Tainor

  1. Speak to General Aves
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Option :2 Choose to Let Tainor Surrender

  1. Speak to General Aves
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key facts
Level: 49
Min Level: 44
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Corellia, Republic, World
Planet: Corellia
Experience Points: +11045
Light Side Points: 100
Dark Side Points: 100


One Response to Down in History

  1. Comment by gasguy made on September 6, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Complete mission Green Battleground. End of conversation launches “Down in History” – confront Commander Trainor. Conversation happens at Axial Park: Imperial command Center (549,-1991) at computer console.

    got this for both a smuggler and a consular.