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Green Battleground

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Corellia, one of the founding members of the Republic and a huge strategic resource, is now under Imperial control. After restoring access to the rocket tram and dealing with the Empire’s prototype droids, you have cleared the way for the Republic to engage in a full-scale war for the planet. The battle that could tip the scales in either direction is currently underway in Axial Park. Your assistance has been requested in the biggest battle for Corellia yet.

  1. Speak to General Aves
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  2. Defeat Imperial Forces at the Republic Trenches (0/10)
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  3. Defeat Imperials at the Long-range Artillery (0/10)
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  4. Defeat Imperial Snipers at the Coronet Zoo (0/6)
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  5. Obtain Heavy Ordnance (0/1)
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  6. Destroy Imperial Walkers
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  7. Activate the Homing Beacon
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  8. Use the Rendezvous Point Comm Station
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  9. Access the Imperial Command Console
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key facts
Level: 49
Min Level: 44
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Corellia, Republic, World
Planet: Corellia
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Anti-Armor Ordinance
    Experience Points: +11045
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