Master Suz-Anz Loot and Location

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Name: Master Suz-Anz
Location: Makeb
Coordinates: X: -1349, Y: -1746

Master Suz-Anz and his Apprentice Lyla can be found at Savage Bypass, Telemur Mesa. You can enter Savage Bypass from two points on the map. You can kill Master Suz-Anz solo, but you need to follow some basic guides. This boss is ranged boss and casts various spells and occasionally dark heals. At the start you want to aggro both of them and kill Apprentice Lyla first. There is a nearby pillar, you can use it to avoid Master Suz-Anz attacks, by getting out of his sight when he cast them, or just burn down Apprentice Lyla with your defensive cool downs on.

Upon defeating Apprentice Lyla, it’s time for Master Suz-Anz. At this point you might be without your defensive cool downs, thus, getting out of his sight is pretty helpful. Interrupting his Dark Heals is priority here. Since he tends to cast them on every interrupt cool down (about 10 sec), your first interrupt has to tome at the end of the Dark Heal cast. If you interrupt it earlier, you’ll let him cast other damage abilities earlier then you should.
No loot tables have been made yet. We’ll have them soon ™

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