Making the Connection Legacy Achievement

Citizens of Makeb

Making the Connection

Completed all possible interconnections in the weekly mission Mass Exodus for the Citizens of Makeb.
  • 0/1 Diverted Turret Placement from Stronghold One
  • 0/1 Gathered Information from Stronghold One on the Position of Pollus Avesta
  • 0/1 Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa
  • 0/1 Determined that the Perekta Mesa is Seismically Stable
  • 0/1 Learned About the Hostages on the Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring
  • 0/1 Diverted Speeders from Regulators on Frinn Mesa to Westwater
  • 0/1 Unlocked the mission “Into the Fire”
  • 0/1 Unlocked the mission “Signal Intelligence”
  • 0/1 Unlocked bonus objective “Securing the City”
  • 0/1 Unlocked bonus objective “Reallocation”

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One Response to Making the Connection Legacy Achievement

  1. Comment by Chuck Testa made on April 15, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Does anyone know how to complete any of these sub parts?