Crushing Fa’athra’s Droids Legacy Achievement

Fa’athras Minions

Crushing Fa’athra’s Droids

Destroyed100 of Fa’athra’s droids on Hutta.
  • 0/100 Fa’athra Droids Destroyed

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One Response to Crushing Fa’athra’s Droids Legacy Achievement

  1. Comment by Dxun made on July 8, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    I found this one fairly annoying Id say the best area I found was Outside the Rust Yard. Even the detonation droids will work if killed in time. And if you are getting the Fa’athra Series there is plenty of them in the area as well. X392 Y250. There Is also a second spot but I didn’t like it has much X-182 Y959.