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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Gold Scalene Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Bracers11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Chestguard11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Gauntlets11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Headgear11HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Gold Scalene Utility Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Chestguard11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Gauntlets11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Heartless Pursuer Vambraces11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Bracers11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Jacket11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Interstellar Privateer Pants11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Bracers11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Lower Robes11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Robes11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Malevolent Interrogator Sash11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Revan's Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Revan's Sash11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Bracers11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Lower Robes11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Robes11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sanctified Caretaker Sash11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Anklewraps11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Handwraps11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Headgear11HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Legwraps11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Shroud11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Waistwraps11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sand People Pillager Wristwraps11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Armguards11WristsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Body Armor11ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Boots11FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Gloves11HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sith Raider Greaves11LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Sniper Rifle High 06 Super Rare11Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
Sniper Rifle High 06 v0111Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
Sniper Rifle High 06 v0211Main Hand (Ranged)Sniper RifleEquip
Stalwart Protector Belt11WaistAdaptive ArmorEquip
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