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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Hammerhead SUV5010Equip
Imperial Pleasure Skiff5010Equip
Lhosan Manta50Equip
Lhosan Manta50Equip
Life Day Boots501FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Life Day Lower Robe501LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Life Day Vestments501ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Longspur Elite50Equip
Longspur Pacer50Equip
Longspur Sportster5010Equip
Longspur STAP Executive50Equip
Longspur STAP Royal50Equip
Longspur SUV5010Equip
Mantis 25010Equip
Neutral Pleasure Skiff5010Equip
Overlord's Command Throne50Equip
Pink Wasp5010Equip
Rendili Nightshade50Equip
Republic Pleasure Skiff5010Equip
Sandperson Skiff5010Equip
Shadow Hand's Command Throne50Equip
SUV Pleasure Skiff5010Equip
Ubrikki Crimson Claw50Equip
Ubrikki Crimson Skull50Equip
Ubrikki Sand Devil50Equip
Ubrikki Talon50Equip
Watchman's Meditation Hoverchair50Equip
CZ-18X Avalanche Chestplate4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-27K Stealth Ops Suit4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dire Eliminator's Chestguard4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dire Overlord's Vestments4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dire Taskmaster's Robe4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Dire Warmaster's Body Armor4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Emergency Responder's Overcoat4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Guard Captain's Chestplate4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Adept's Shroud4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Champion's Robe4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Master's Vestments4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Honored Saberist's Harness4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
MA-52 Med-Tech Chestplate4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
MA-53 Overwatch Chestplate4343ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-13K Guerrilla Boots3131FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-13K Guerrilla Chestplate3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-13K Guerrilla Greaves3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-13K Guerrilla Handgear3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
CZ-13K Guerrilla Helm3131HeadAdaptive ArmorEquip
Destroyer Boots3131FeetAdaptive ArmorEquip
Destroyer Chestguard3131ChestAdaptive ArmorEquip
Destroyer Gauntlets3131HandsAdaptive ArmorEquip
Destroyer Greaves3131LegsAdaptive ArmorEquip
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