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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Durable Hide Wristguards43WristsLight ArmorEquip
Jedi Initiate's Bracers4WristsLight ArmorEquip
Jedi Initiate's Gloves4HandsLight ArmorEquip
Nerf-Herder's Handwraps43HandsLight ArmorEquip
Nerf-Herder's Lower Robe43LegsLight ArmorEquip
Nerf-Herder's Shoes43FeetLight ArmorEquip
Nerf-Herder's Tunic43ChestLight ArmorEquip
Nerf-Herder's Wristwraps43WristsLight ArmorEquip
Traveler's Wraps44LegsLight ArmorEquip
Dark Acolyte's Robe3ChestLight ArmorEquip
Durable Hide Belt32WaistLight ArmorEquip
Jedi Initiate's Vestments3ChestLight ArmorEquip
Bonadan Work Pants22LegsLight ArmorEquip
Dark Acolyte's Boots2FeetLight ArmorEquip
Jedi Initiate's Boots2FeetLight ArmorEquip
Padded Anklewraps21FeetLight ArmorEquip
Padded Coat21ChestLight ArmorEquip
Padded Legwraps21LegsLight ArmorEquip
Tomb Robber's Wraps21LegsLight ArmorEquip
Traveler's Shirt22ChestLight ArmorEquip
Guard Disguise1ChestLight ArmorEquip
Absconder's BootsFeetLight ArmorEquip
Helmsman's Boots4443FeetLight ArmorEquip
Helmsman's Gloves4443HandsLight ArmorEquip
Helmsman's Hat4443HeadLight ArmorEquip
Helmsman's Legwraps4443LegsLight ArmorEquip
Helmsman's Tunic4443ChestLight ArmorEquip
Brocart Cap3433HeadLight ArmorEquip
Brocart Coat3433ChestLight ArmorEquip
Brocart Footwear3433FeetLight ArmorEquip
Brocart Gloves3433HandsLight ArmorEquip
Brocart Kilt3433LegsLight ArmorEquip
Jawa Cloak32ChestLight ArmorEquip
Scout's Boots2423FeetLight ArmorEquip
Scout's Gloves2423HandsLight ArmorEquip
Scout's Lower Cloak2423LegsLight ArmorEquip
Scout's Utility Vest2423ChestLight ArmorEquip
Mining Gloves1413HandsLight ArmorEquip
Mining Shoes1413FeetLight ArmorEquip
Mining Vest1413ChestLight ArmorEquip
Working Robes1413LegsLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Belt109WaistLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Boots109FeetLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Gloves109HandsLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Kilt109LegsLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Vest109ChestLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Wristwraps109WristsLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Belt87WaistLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Bindings87WristsLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Coat87ChestLight ArmorEquip
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