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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Primeval Exemplar's Handwraps5050HandsLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Exemplar's Headgear5050HeadLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Exemplar's Legwraps5050LegsLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Exemplar's Robe5050ChestLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Exemplar's Waistwrap5050WaistLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Boots5050FeetLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Bracers5050WristsLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Handwraps5050HandsLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Headgear5050HeadLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Legwraps5050LegsLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Robe5050ChestLight ArmorEquip
Primeval Seeker's Waistwrap5050WaistLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Boots50FeetLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Legwraps50LegsLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Boots50FeetLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Legwraps50LegsLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Nanosilk Bracers49WristsLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Nanosilk Gloves49HandsLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Nanosilk Headgear49HeadLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Nanosilk Sash49WaistLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Nanosilk Vestments49ChestLight ArmorEquip
Cortosis-Weave Bracers4947WristsLight ArmorEquip
Force Assault Bracers4947WristsLight ArmorEquip
Impenetrable Synth Bracers4947WristsLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Bracers49WristsLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Handwraps49HandsLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Headgear49HeadLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Robe49ChestLight ArmorEquip
Reinforced Nanosilk Waistwrap49WaistLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Force-Master's Boots4948FeetLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Force-Master's Bracers4948WristsLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Stalker's Boots4948FeetLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Stalker's Bracers4948WristsLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Survivor's Boots4948FeetLight ArmorEquip
Ultratech Survivor's Bracers4948WristsLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Bracers49WristsLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Handwraps49HandsLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Headgear49HeadLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Robe49ChestLight ArmorEquip
Veiled Nanosilk Waistwrap49WaistLight ArmorEquip
Ancient Battlemind's Vestments4847ChestLight ArmorEquip
Ancient Exemplar's Robe4847ChestLight ArmorEquip
Ancient Seeker's Robe4847ChestLight ArmorEquip
Anointed Zeyd-Cloth Boots4847FeetLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Bindings4847WristsLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Boots4847FeetLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Cap4847HeadLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Gloves4847HandsLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Legwraps4847LegsLight ArmorEquip
Electrotex Sash4847WaistLight ArmorEquip
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