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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Vector's First-rate Techblade36Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Enervating Electrostaff3433Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Enervating Tech Staff3434Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Spar's Tech Staff34Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Torian's Tech Staff34Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
War Hero's Tech Staff3432Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
War Sundering Electrostaff3433Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
A-20 Assault Staff3231Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
A-20 Assault Tech Staff3232Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Shadow Prowler Electrostaff32Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Technonaut's Electrostaff3131Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
E-12 Dragon Electrostaff3029Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
E-12 Dragon Tech Staff3030Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Electrostaff of Unfettered Ferocity3029Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Tech Staff of the Triumphant Champion3028Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Vector's Killik Vibrostaff30Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Martial Brilliance Electrostaff28Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Shock Staff2827Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Shock Tech Staff2828Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Duelist's Electrostaff2727Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Enlightened Tactician's Electrostaff2625Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Sundering Electrostaff2625Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Sundering Tech Staff2626Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
War Liberator's Tech Staff2624Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Concussion Staff2423Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Concussion Tech Staff2424Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Honored Trickster's Electrostaff24Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Elegant Electrostaff2323Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Electrostaff of the Honored Duelist2221Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Ion-Charged Electrostaff2221Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Ion-Charged Tech Staff2222Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Tech Staff of the Defiling Tactician2220Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Adept Mind Electrostaff20Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Stun Staff2019Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Stun Tech Staff2020Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Charged Electrostaff1919Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Charged Assault Electrostaff1817Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Fusion Electrostaff1817Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Fusion Tech Staff1818Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Tech Staff of Savage Grace1816Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Arbiter's Electrostaff16Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Battle Staff1615Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Battle Tech Staff1616Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Warrior's Traditional Electrostaff1616Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Battle Champion's Electrostaff1413Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Brutal Myrmidon's Tech Staff1412Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Militant's Electrostaff1413Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Militant's Tech Staff1414Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Assault Staff1211Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Assault Tech Staff1212Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
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