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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Grand Marshal's Battle Staff5050Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Grand Vanquisher's Electrostaff5048Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Grandmaster Trickster's Electrostaff50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Scorpio's Masterwork Tech Staff50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Spar's Masterwork Tech Staff50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Torian's Masterwork Tech Staff50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Vector's Masterwork Techblade50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Yuun's Masterwork Tech Staff50Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Baradium Electrostaff4847Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Baradium Tech Staff4848Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Master's Electrostaff4848Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Scorpio's Cutting-edge Tech Staff48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Spar's Cutting-edge Tech Staff48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Supreme Trickster's Electrostaff48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Torian's Cutting-edge Tech Staff48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Vector's Cutting-edge Techblade48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Yuun's Cutting-edge Tech Staff48Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Electrostaff of Primal Fury4645Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Electrostaff of the Renowned Veteran4644Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Magnapulse Staff4645Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Magnapulse Tech Staff4646Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
M-35 Shock Staff4443Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
M-35 Shock Tech Staff4444Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Paramount Trickster's Electrostaff44Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Spar's Superior Tech Staff44Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Torian's Superior Tech Staff44Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Vector's Superior Techblade44Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Yuun's Superior Tech Staff44Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Experimental Electrostaff 4343Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Warden's Techblade43Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
C-22 Concussion Staff4241Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
C-22 Concussion Tech Staff4242Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Staff of Paramount Victory4240Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Staff of the Invincible Overseer 4241Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Force Staff4039Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Force Tech Staff4040Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Master Trickster's Electrostaff40Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Spar's Handcrafted Tech Staff40Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Torian's Handcrafted Tech Staff40Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Vector's Handcrafted Techblade40Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Electric Conduit Staff3939Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Agile Ranger's Electrostaff3836Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Powered Tech Staff38Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Valorous Gladiator's Electrostaff3837Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
X-10 Fusion Electrostaff3837Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
X-10 Fusion Tech Staff3838Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
B-30 Battle Staff3635Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
B-30 Battle Tech Staff3636Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
High Voltage Electrostaff3636Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
Trickster Adept Electrostaff36Main Hand (Melee)ElectrostaffEquip
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