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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Scout's Lower Cloak2423LegsLight ArmorEquip
Scout's Utility Vest2423ChestLight ArmorEquip
Dense Boots1413FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
Dense Cuirass1413ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Dense Gauntlets1413HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
Dense Greaves1413LegsHeavy ArmorEquip
Mining Gloves1413HandsLight ArmorEquip
Mining Shoes1413FeetLight ArmorEquip
Mining Vest1413ChestLight ArmorEquip
Synthleather Grips1413HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Synthleather Jacket1413ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Synthleather Kneeboots1413FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Synthleather Leggings1413LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Working Robes1413LegsLight ArmorEquip
Desh Boots109FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
Desh Bracers109WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Desh Breastplate109ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Desh Gauntlets109HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
Desh Girdle109WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Desh Legguards109LegsHeavy ArmorEquip
Nylite Belt109WaistLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Boots109FeetLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Gloves109HandsLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Kilt109LegsLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Vest109ChestLight ArmorEquip
Nylite Wristwraps109WristsLight ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Belt109WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Boots109FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Chestguard109ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Greaves109LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Handgear109HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Wraidskin Wristguards109WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Duraplate Armguards87WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Duraplate Armor87ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Duraplate Belt87WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Duraplate Boots87FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
Duraplate Gloves87HandsHeavy ArmorEquip
Duraplate Greaves87LegsHeavy ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Belt87WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Boots87FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Bracers87WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Gloves87HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Jacket87ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Frilled Leatheris Pants87LegsMedium ArmorEquip
Technician's Belt87WaistLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Bindings87WristsLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Coat87ChestLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Shoes87FeetLight ArmorEquip
Technician's Workgloves87HandsLight ArmorEquip
Trainee's Lower Robe87LegsLight ArmorEquip
1 2 3 ...176 177 178 ...352 353 354 355


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