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Icon Item name Level Req. Lvl Slot Type Actions
Resilient Titanium Armguards38WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Resilient Titanium Body Armor38ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Resinite Barrage Bracers38WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Resinite Barrage Jacket38ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Resinite Battle Armguards38WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Resinite Battle Jacket38ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Resinite Combat Bracers38WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Resinite Combat Suit38ChestMedium ArmorEquip
Rodomium Focus3837Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
Sacred Septsilk Bracers38WristsLight ArmorEquip
Sacred Septsilk Robe38ChestLight ArmorEquip
Sith Archon's Boots3837FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
Sith Avenger's Boots3837FeetMedium ArmorEquip
Supreme Inquisitor's Boots3837FeetLight ArmorEquip
TD-05B Deadeye Belt3838WaistMedium ArmorEquip
TD-07A Scorpion Boots3837FeetMedium ArmorEquip
TH-05B Scoundrel Belt3838WaistMedium ArmorEquip
TH-15B War Medic Belt3838WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium Onslaught Chestguard38ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium Onslaught Vambraces38WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium Power Upgrade Body Armor38ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium Power Upgrade Bracers38WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium War Body Armor38ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Titanium War Bracers38WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Traditional Septsilk Bracers38WristsLight ArmorEquip
Traditional Septsilk Vestments38ChestLight ArmorEquip
TT-15B Vanguard Belt3838WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Veteran Elder Blade's Waistcord3838WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Voidmaster's Boots3837FeetLight ArmorEquip
Ablative Plexoid Gloves37HandsMedium ArmorEquip
Ablative Plexoid Headgear37HeadMedium ArmorEquip
Ablative Plexoid Waistcord37WaistMedium ArmorEquip
Armguards of Unfettered Assault3737WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Augmenter's Bracers3736WristsMedium ArmorEquip
Battle Saboteur's Shield Generator3737Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
Battlefield Medic's Bracers3736WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Belt of Unfettered Assault3737WaistHeavy ArmorEquip
Bonecutter's Bracers3736WristsHeavy ArmorEquip
Boots of Eldritch Force3737FeetLight ArmorEquip
Boots of Unfettered Assault3737FeetHeavy ArmorEquip
Bracers of Eldritch Force3737WristsLight ArmorEquip
Chestguard of Unfettered Assault3737ChestHeavy ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Boots3737FeetLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Bracers3737WristsLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Focus3737Offhand (General)Shield GeneratorEquip
Dark Adept's Gloves3737HandsLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Headgear3737HeadLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Lower Robe3737LegsLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Sash3737WaistLight ArmorEquip
Dark Adept's Vestments3737ChestLight ArmorEquip
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