The most important changes in Update 1.2

In the upcoming Game Update 1.2 Bioware announced a number of improvements and changes to the in-game content. We decided to check out the new changes on the Public test server and to share our observations with you. As you have probably noticed in the Patch 1.2 Notes for the Public Test Server we can expect some major improvements like new Warzone – Novare Coast, new Flashpoint – The Lost Island, customization of user interface, expanded Legacy system, and minor improvements like warzone rankings, new daily missions, new pets, guild banks, new schematics, a new tier of PvP and PvE weapons and armor, new roleplay emotes.

Some of the Game Update 1.2 improvements are just a basis for new changes that we can expect in the future, like updates to augment slots. In Game Update 1.2. critical crafted appearances are the only source of augment slots, while in the future we will be able to add augment slots to equipment we already have.

In the tabs below you will find the most important changes in Update 1.2. that we have dug up for you.

  • New feature Interface Editor is placed in the Options Window which can be accessed by hitting Escape key.
  • Players can customize their User Interface by moving and scaling UI elements.
  • There are three types of elements: green, blue and red. The green elements are visible on your screen all the time. Blue elements pop up under specific circumstances. The red elements are disabled ones. If you want to enable any red element, just left click on it and select enable option in the Interface Editor window.
  • You can save your UI settings as XML files. These profiles can be loaded on any character once created.

With new feature, Customize Appearance, you can make all visible item slots to match the chest color theme. When you click on the icon Customize Appearance you have two options:

  • Match the particular item slot with the chest color theme by clicking on the Unify to Chest Color Theme button next to the particular item
  • Match all the items with the chest color theme by clicking on the Unify Colors button in the Customize Appearance window.

Hide Head Slot and Show Dark Side Corruption are also located in the Customize Appearance window.

  • Your guild must have 12 members to qualify for a bank
  • Guild Bank costs 600,000 and are accessible on the Fleets, with expandable storage. After purchasing the bank it contains only one tab. There are 90 slots per tab.
  • You can buy up-to 7 tabs, each tab goes up in price (tab 2 costs 1 million credits, tab 3 costs 2 million credits, tab 4 costs 3.5 million, tab 5 costs 7 million, tab 6 costs 15 million and tab 7 costs 30 million – thanks Dulfy).
  • You can edit the name and the icon for each tab.
  • Guild leaders can allow access to certain tabs and/or demand authenticators for certain tabs
  • You can set how many credits each rank of players in your guild can take out
  • Guild leaders have the option to restrict the type of items that can be added to the bank
  • There are a separate log for credit and item transactions allowing a 2 week view of all transactions.
  • You can repair and re-spec using Guild Funds.

Usable mission items can now be activated from the tracked mission log that appears on the right side of the screen.

mission items
  • Centurion, Battlemaster and Champion Commendations are no longer used in Game Update 1.2.
  • The new Recruit gear introduced in Game Update 1.2 will not replace existing Champion gear on players that already have it. Existing Champion gear remains superior to Recruit gear but can no longer be acquired.
  • The cap for Warzone Commendations has been changed to 2000.
  • New War Hero PvP vendors can be found on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. They sell the new War Hero and Rated War Hero PvP sets for Ranked Warzone Commendations and the equivalent Battlemaster piece.
  • High-level PvP Daily and Weekly missions reward a combination of Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations. Rated War Hero gear has the same stats as War Hero gear, but has a more prestigious appearance.

Centurion Commendations
  • 1 Centurion Commendation – Standard Small Credit Case (Class 2 Lockbox)
  • 12 Centurion Commendations – Ancient Premium Storage Box (Green Level 50 Item)
  • 30 Centurion Commendations – Ancient Prototype Storage Box (Blue Level 50 Item)
  • 45 Centurion Commendations – Grade 6 Crafting PvP Box (Random Crafting Material)

Champion Commendations

  • 1 Champion Commendation – Heavy Small Credit Box (Class 3 Lockbox)
  • 7 Champion Commendations – Ancient Premium Storage Box (Green Level 50 Item)
  • 20 Champion Commendations – Ancient Prototype Storage Box (Blue Level 50 Item)
  • 30 Champion Commendations – Grade 6 Crafting PvP Box (Random Crafting Material)

Battlemaster Commendations

  • 1 Battlemaster Commendation – Baradium Flux (Rank 7 PVP Crafting Material)
  • 1 Battlemaster Commendations – Grade 6 Crafting PvP Box (Random Crafting Material)

Mercenary Commendations

  • 20 Mercenary Commendations – Warzone Expertise Adrenal
  • 20 Mercenary Commendations – Warzone Medpac
  • 10 Mercenary Commendations – 10 Warzone Commendations
  • 750 Mercenary and 750 Warzone Commendations – Longspur Recon

We would like to thank Calisti for commendations exchange.
You have probably noticed new icon above your character. Each Class and her Advance Classes have unique icons. Don’t panic, if you don’t like the icon you can turn it off: Preferences -> Nameplates.

I would like to thank Onesto for some icons that I couldn’t find on PTS.
Update 1.2 introduces new adorable pets Taunta, Crimson Rakling, Midnight Rakling, Pale Rakling, Orokeet, Orosquab, Taunta, Taunlet. If you are looking for a cute little pet to follow you on your adventures check out our SWTOR Pet Guide and find out how to obtain new pets.

taunta swtor pet

Target of Target is a new feature that shows you what your target is targeting. This feature is essential for healers, tanks or raid leaders to see which party member has aggro. This feature is disabled by default (the red element in Interface Editor), so you need to enable it first.
In your Interface Editor (placed in the Options Window) click on the Target of Target element and check Enabled option.

This is just a small part of our Game Update 1.2. exploration. We are currently working on Legacy System guide, new Lost Island Flashpoint Tips & Tricks, and much more. If you have noticed something interesting in Game Update 1.2. on PTS leave us a comment below and we will share it with Swtor community.

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