Swtor Where Madness Takes Root

Swtor Where Madness Takes Root is the fourth seeker droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Hidden Perils. This mission takes place on planets Alderaan, Balmorra and Voss. There is no correct or wrong order in which you are suppose to complete them, as long as you do it with appropriate macrobinoculars mission.

Recover the Seed Buried on Alderaan

Location: The Juran Mountains, southeast from House Alde. Within this location there are many Dread Seeded Nerf champion creatures, but there are a lot of rooms for your seeker droid search mission, where you don’t need to interfere with creatures.

Recover the Seed Buried on Balmorra

Location: North West Sundari Flatlands. This part of the map was actually inaccessible before, since a bridge was broken in the middle. Location has a lot of stationary level 54 normal difficulty imperial troopers, while some of the elite enemies patrol down the area.

Recover the Seed Buried on Voss

Location: Desolation Pass. Objective point is just south from Voss-Ka settlement. There are many stationary strong and normal level 54 creatures in the area, and couple of champions. Even though this area looks large, your seeker droid is going to have tendency to point you toward the creatures.

Mission Reward

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