SWTOR The Shroud’s Gambit

SWTOR The Shroud’s Gambit is the first Republic Macrobinoculars mission. You can pick this mission at Giant’s Spear Command Post platform, to the left of the point you land on from taxi service, as soon as you reach level 52. This mission sends you to Coruscant planet, where you need to report to Deena Riss. Soon after, you will receive a mission update, and continue your journey on the same planet until you finish it. This is an introduction mission, where you’ll learn about how Macrobinocular missions work.

M3-8Z Macrobinocular Mission Driod

Talk to M3-8Z Macrobinocular Mission Driod on Giant’s Spear Command Post in order to start Macrobinoculars mission story line.

Report to Deena Riss on Coruscant

Deena riss is on the second floor of Senate Tower, Coruscant planet. After talking with her, you are going to receive EV2 Macrobinoculars codex update, and new mission objectives.

Locate and Identify Transmitters on Coruscant: 0/4

Transmitter No.1Transmitter No.2Transmitter No.3Transmitter No.4

Investigate the Dealer’s Den Cantina Back Room

Take a taxi to Dealer’s Dan Cantina, it is the easternmost taxi station, and proceed to Cantina’s Back Room.

Locate the Source of the Shroud’s Transmission

Destroy two Ray Shield Generators on the ceiling.And two Security Door Controls, you can find on the walls at the second floor.Proceed through opened door on the second floor, and defeat MX-05 Construction Droid, in order to disable Laser Defense Grid Controls.Go through the door on the first floor (the one that was blocked with red laser beams).Upon defeating two Concealed Sentry Turrets, eliminate three IR-5B Stealth Security Droids which came after you during the first run when you had tried to disable Improvised Security Door Controls. After defeating them, disable Improvised Security Door Controls again, and continue through a new opened door.

Defeat B-NK1

A poorly geared and rusty skilled Jedi, managed to defeat him easily.

Investigate B-NK1’s Holoterminal

Securing Connection on nearby Holoterminal, and claim prize.

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  1. Comment by Steven made on March 13, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    m3-8z is also stationed right outside senate tower on Coruscant