Swtor Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract

Swtor Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract takes place in Jundland, Tatooine. Instead of collecting information from Shady Characters and hunting a random bounty target on Tatooine, this time after talking with Meerko, you should release Bounty Seeker Probes, find them and scan, and at the end lure out and kill or capture Kreegan Ramar.

[Group] Tatooine: Kingpin Bounty Walk through

Speak to Meerko on Tatooine

As a Republic player you can find Meerko at Anchorhead Market, Anchorhead, as an Empire player you can find Meerko west from Cantina, Mos Ila. As soon as you finish interaction with Meerko, you will receive a mail from your Tatooine Bounty Target.

Release Bounty Seeker Probes Within Target Region

This area is located to the west from the Outpost Largona, Jundland.

Find and Scan Bounty Seeker Probes: 0/5

Although you can release Bounty Seeker Probes on different locations from the ones marked on the map, don’t do it, since the position on the bridge provides the best lookout at the Probes.

Lure Out and Kill or Capture Kreegan Ramar

Kreegan Ramar is a tough bounty target to defeat. Along with normal attacks that have a huge damage output, and annoying knockbacks, this bounty target also has series of attacks which change with buffs changes. The most lethal attack that comes with Missile Rounds buff, is a red ground circle attack that appears under the feet of the target he is focusing on, he also spawns 2-3 strong range Mandalorian Bandits adds. Proper execution requires smart usage of offensive and defensive cooldowns at the right time, gear and luck.
Remeber you should “only” bring him to 10% of his HP, in order to capture him and complete Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract.

Return to Meerko on Tatooine, Turn in Completed Contract

Remember to use BBA Fleet Transport Authorization at the right upper corner of your screen, in order to return to your fleet faster.

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