SWTOR Shroud of Ruin

Starting location of the Macrobinoculars mission. This is tutorial mission how to use Macrobinoculars and you will be directed where to look on minimap and map, next missions wont have this kind of help.

Speak to Evie Bo on Dormund Kaas

Locate and Identify Transmitters on Dromund Kaas 0/4

Transmitter no.1

Transmitter no.2

Transmitter no.3

Transmitter no.4

Locate the Source of the Shroud’s transmission

Defeat B-NK1

Last step of this mission is to defeat droid B-NK1

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  1. Comment by Cameron made on November 11, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    When I click on the image links in this “guide” I am presented with a login prompt. Fuck you.